Here is a quick look at IV of Spades’ best songs before they headline this coming Summer Sky Music Festival 2018

Almost everyone in the country had heard of IV of Spades. Especially since there’s a recent controversy surrounding their Lead Singer (Unique Salonga’s) indefinite leave, their adoring fans are still in a state of shock, but are nonetheless still rock solid in their following of the band, with or without Unique. Referred to as the youngest band of today with a twist of the retro vibes in your playlist and one of the rising bands in the “Filipino indie” scene at the moment, they’ve certainly been making waves from inside the country to some other parts in Asia. This level of anticipation for them was due to their  different attack on their original music composition and their overall aesthetic retro-ness. This coupled with their constant live shows, and several awards under their belt that has hailed them for being the next OPM artist to look out for truly glorifies where they are right now.

I personally have nothing against the disco bound sound of IV of Spades. Altho, admittedly at first, I am a bit hesitant over their prevailing retro gimmicks with the suave “Ilaw Sa Daan” to the irresistible groove of “Where Have You Been, My Disco.” and “Hey, Barbara”. The band incorporating these into their persona along with their more serious tracks like Hey Barbara and Mundo is a bit two opposing personas that just doesn’t mix. It was honestly for me a limited but enjoyable,  novelty. One personal favorite, however, is their signature track Mundo.

Mundo successfully merged all their unique gloriousness as a band into one song. When listened to the riffs is a predominant feature with one solid hook. The whole song could definitely remove the extended guitar solo (for my own personal taste, hehe).

It’s a definite old song stature, one that the band ironically stands out for and has typically made sure to win us over with. Just recently Mundo hit the top charts on Spotify along with the countless number of awards IV of Spades has gotten.

I guess, to sum it all up. This is me getting all hyped up with seeing them Live for the upcoming Summer Sky Musical 2018. So, in an effort to justify the weekend coming in a bit too slow (for me). Let us take a look at their top tracks.


Hey, Barbara

Ilaw sa Daan

Where Have You Been, My Disco

Catch you at the University of Perpetual Help (Molino Campus) this coming June 9! Get your Retro-kits ready and fly away with us!

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