Many much-anticipated events may have been canceled, but the entertainment never stops! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been killing fun after fun, postponing gigs we had been looking forward to until we are left with nothing but social media and its overwhelming supply of bad news. But do we let it take away our sanity? Hell, no!

Online shows incoming!

While our policemen, nurses, and doctors– our beloved frontline workers have been risking their lives out there to get the situation under control, our artists have been giving their fair share of contribution, too! Since the enhanced community quarantine has been imposed, practically trapping everyone inside their houses, we’ve got musicians, dancers, and other artists preventing the public from wallowing in the fear and uncertainty completely. Recently, they’ve begun starting their live shows on Facebook, Youtube, and other social media sites.

One of the biggest this year, rescheduled

Image Credit: Allen Estrada

Supposedly to be held tomorrow, March 19, DUNKIN’ presents: Give in to SB19 @ Araneta Coliseum is arguably one of this year’s biggest events to have suffered the wrath of the pandemic. Fans were disappointed, of course, but they understood that a decision had to be made for public safety.

However, an announcement posted on SB19’s socials stirred up A’TIN (without S) from all over the country.


A’TIN, SB19’s official fanbase would be treated to week-long kulitan series of live broadcasts on Facebook, each day featuring a member of the pop boyband.

SB19’s Special Broadcast schedules are as follow:

March 16, Monday- Sejun

March 17, Tuesday- Ken

March 18, Wednesday- Justin

March 19, Thursday- Stell

March 20, Friday- Josh

And on Saturday, March 21, they would be featured as a group. They have also hinted that there would be some “surprises.” The boys didn’t have to do it. But for the fans, they’re here providing us with shows to entertain ourselves with.  For that, we are more than grateful.

Are you a certified A’TIN?

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