Who knew that legendary film scorer Hans Zimmer can rock a Coachella 2017 set? The “Wonder Woman” and “Lion King” score composer recently showed the world that he can still get with the times.

Coachella 2017 with a Breath of Fresh Air

Coachella 2017 has been a success so far and Hans Zimmer just added more to the mix. Instead of the usual bass drops, Zimmer blasted his own tunes with the likes of “Inception” and the “Dark Knight” scores.

Zimmer’s set is a fresh breath of air from the usual DJ sets which almost always includes remixes of famous pop songs. The only problem was that the Coachella goers did not know how to exactly dance with the film scores. Nevertheless, the audience still enjoyed the Zimmer set which was made possible thanks to a live orchestra as well. Some people who managed to sneak in their pets also held them up during the Ahhhhhhhzebenya part of the “Lion King” score, which included Lebo M.

Other scores played by Zimmer include those from “The Pirates of the Carribean” and “Gladiator”. Pharrell also joined him on the stage for “Freedom.”

Hopefully, Zimmer’s set will inspire other DJs or performers to up their game. Coachella 2017 and other EDM festivals don’t have to exclusively feature the same remixes over and over again. Zimmer’s visuals are also incredibly trippy. The whole set was a different experience from the usual DJ’s sets. People found it hard to dance to probably because it was meant to be experienced instead.

Even if you are not into EDM or Coachella 2017 in general, you’ll probably enjoy Zimmer’s orchestra set. My favorite was “Wonder Woman” and “Inception.”

Game-changing Set for DJs?

There are a lot of Coachella 2017 Hans Zimmer videos posted on YouTube. But here’s the one with the best quality as of this writing. Enjoy!

Photo is from Film Music Media