A girl finds her boyfriend with another girl in December Avenue gig. And people are shocked as we are cos of the unexpected turn of events!

Yesterday, a video went viral in Facebook that was recorded during a December Avenue gig. It shows a girl pulling a hair of another girl who was being hugged by some guy. People were circling around them while the band was singing because of the intensity of the fight. Here’s the video right here!

Guy caught up with another woman

Apparently, according to netizens, the girl who was pulling the hair just caught her boyfriend red-handed with another girl during a mall event featuring December Avenue. The said mall show was at Vista Mall Bataan. Since this was a free event, the whole events area was packed with spectators from Balanga, Bataan. And yes, there’s a high possibility that you will see some familiar faces like your neighbors and schoolmates lol!

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out well for the guy. Turns out he was with another girl when his girlfriend caught him. Upon seeing it, his girlfriend dashes to them and assaults the lady with him. She pulls her hair while his boyfriend tries to defend the other woman. This goes on for almost a minute, the whole duration of the video. Some were trying to get the girlfriend off the other woman because of the commotion dragging on. And the thing is, the fight was going on while December Avenue was singing ‘Bulong’. Talk about awkward background music!

However, netizens were much concerned, not of the other woman, but of the dog (same!). There was a dog being dragged during the whole commotion. Poor dog, though. What’s funny is Zel Bautista, December Avenue‘s vocalist even shared the video with the caption, “Nood lang ng gig, wag dalhin kabit 🤣” which created laughs for everyone in the social space.

So you now know, folks. Karma will bite you back if you cheat. Too bad for the guy, it happened in a public place.

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