Fyre Festival has been a disaster. Accommodations and food were subpar. Security and transportation were hard for everyone. Ultimately, the event was postponed indefinitely.

Coachella for Rich Millennials

Everything went wrong with Fyre Festival, which was supposed to be “the next Coachella.” Guests did not get the treatment they expected. Also, there were no luxury cabanas or world-class cuisine present.

People spent hundreds and thousands of dollars to attend the event, expecting better treatment. Instead, what greeted them was an unsecure place with no proper accommodation. Once, Look at the packed food for Fyre Festival guests below:

Because of all the things that went wrong, Fyre founders Ja Rule and Billy McFarland have been slapped a $100 Million lawsuit. Ja Rule already apologized to the public even though he said it isn’t his fault in all caps.

“this is NOT MY FAULT”

Choose: Full Refund or Get VIP tickets to Fyre Festival 2018?

There was already disaster even before the event themselves. The leaked Fyre Festival pitch deck obtained by The Guardian showed several prominent celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski joining the so-called “Fyre Starters” who promoted the event in their social media accounts. After news of the event being just a fraud came out, the models promptly deleted their posts without any sort of apology to their fans.

Fyre Festival is processing full refunds for event goers. They are also offering extra VIP tickets to Fyre Festival 2018 if the guest will not be taking the refund.

One talent producer who was invited to work for Fyre told a story regarding what really went down in the life one work. First, there was no payment to the artists prior to the event. Second, the organizers ignored the red flags that were clearly present (i.e. the lack of space for the tents, etc.)

A Look on the Music Festival Scene in the Philippines

Therefore, this should be a lesson for all event organizers, artists, and event goers – IT AIN’T EASY TO PUT UP AN EVENT. Clearly, execution is as important as your vision.

So folks, your event promoters and organizers that work hard to give you the best parties deserve so much more respect don’t you think?

There have been a lot of music festivals in the Philippines that pushed through. Some of them we’ve really enjoyed covering such as our Chroma Music Festival 2.0 coverage (WATCH:  here). It was one colorful event with Tom Taus, DJ Cathy Frey, The Zombettes, Rave Radio, Jonas Blue, and a lot more acts dishing out their mixes.

AfterParty also covered the recent Hydro Laboracay 2017 which is the first event in the app. Wait for our video which will be released on May 10!

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Photo is from Fanart.TV