Friday Indie Gig Manila: Wakwakan Night

Friday nights are always filled with some of the best gigs from local artists and bands. So we’re helping you pick where to go by featuring our pick for tonight—Wakwakan Night featuring Sound Architects at Mow’s, Quezon City.

Wakwakan Night is a send-off party for Sound Architects’ gig in Singapore. This is going to be one hell of a night, so scurry with us to Mow’s Bar, Quezon City!

The show starts at 8PM, and entrance is “pay what you can”. This is also a fundraiser for the band, so don’t be too stingy for Sound Architects’ kadiliman send off. And if you still didn’t get the memo, make sure you wear black.

Line up:

1. Sound Architects (apocalyptic drones)

Listen to them here now.

2. Dissonänce (collective, ritualistic void)

Listen to them here now.

3. Yomi no Kuni (wall of doom)

Listen to them here now.

4. The Insektlife Cycle (psychidelic/acid/stoner/progressive rock)

Listen to them here now.

5.  Import the World (Jason Marquez)

Listen to them here now.

Unfortunately, Conformist (begotten hardcore from the darkness of morong, rizal), won’t be able to make the gig tonight, as initially announced. So a couple of other bands—TNG (#6) and The Insektlife Cycle—will be taking their spot instead.

See you later, 8PM at Mow’s, Quezon City for Wakwakan Night!

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