Getting to perform and affect the lives of thousands if not millions might be everybody’s dream. The life of a rock star is superfluously dreamlike. With unparalleled access to all the greatest events, spots, people, brands and not to mention the privilege that comes with it, it is a no-brainer then that almost everyone wants to be in a band, if not their very own self-titled artist.

The hype

The glamour and glory of the life of a performer is something recounted and hyped in pop culture, but reality is bleaker: sleepless nights, cheap beer, dirty toilets, with menacingly crazy hours and typhoons to overcome. Not to mention when they’re not dealing with the lack of comforts, artists’ have to think like businesses to survive doing what they love the most.

My point? I guess is not all that glitters is gold. Life of someone who constantly tours and moves around everywhere is not all that it might seem. Diving a bit more into that, let’s just say that I had a first hand experience on this, and mind you, I was blown away.

Going the extra-mile

We’ve heard of queen bee’s and drama kings; those who have excruciatingly impossible demands for their event organizers/promoters before they come on board, and in this industry of stars that’s basically an automatic. But, we are not here to talk about them, we are here to highlight those performers who has undeniably gone way up and beyond to make their fans happy.

Summer Sky turned Stormy Sky Music Festival

Let’s talk about unforeseen circumstances. With weather being the biggest hurdle — since, you know the Philippines is known to be the most typhoon-stricken country in the region. Event-goers and organizers with performers are no stranger to this, on the flip-side, how is it really?

Let’s go to the recently held Summer Sky Music Festival. There was a total of 12 artists (bands, DJs & artists) in the line-up however, a day prior to the event itself two of the bands dropped out of the line-up citing weather as the main reason. Whilst, the rest of them continued on.

Heavy rains, winds and threats of slippery roads hang in the air

On the day itself (June 9), a forecast of 2 storms looms. With the production team encountering technical difficulties from the strong winds to the heavy rain showers, it was a huge mess; so to speak. Set to begin at 3 pm, bands and artists flocked in at the pre-production area as early as 1:30 pm (to do their initial ingress and band set-up) with all their equipment and instruments on a stand by.

It was, as they say — one for the books, with less than an optimal area for their instruments to be laid out in, along with a jam-packed unventilated room to wait on. I’d say that our artists are more or less heroes. Imagine traveling for 2 hours in a slippery access road with little or no sleep (from playing the night before) only to be greeted by half-assed production stage and an event location that is filled with mud puddles.

Crazy right? What if I tell you that due to the heavy rains — some damage was done to most of the artists’ equipments along with the time lost due to the reschedule that resulted to some gigs getting cancelled or moved?

Much love for Gracenote, Better Days, IV of Spades, Jensen & the Flips, Asch, Banjo & the Pirates with our very own Marc Marasigan, X-Factor, Katsy Lee, Calvin Felipe & Victor Pring

For the love of Music, going beyond what you’re supposed to do

There’s a ton of inconvenience and other shenanigans that transpired during the event. Bottomline? It wasn’t pretty but it enabled me to see these artists are not the usual breed of kings and queens. They are but amazing music icons that truly does it for the love of music and their adoring fans.

Amidst all that ruckus, they continued and played a masterful set that made all the trouble (for both organizers/ and event goers) worth it.

To sum it up here is a video that encompasses what we’ve felt that night.