Believe me, I was just as shocked as you are. When I first saw pictures of FFC-Acrush, I thought they were your run-of-the-mill pretty boy group. Man, was I wrong. All the members of this boyband are actually girls!

Despite only being formed last year, the band has gathered a huge following. On Weibo, a Chinese social platform, they have upwards 900,000 followers. This is an amazing feat because they don’t even have a music video out yet. Acrush also has the Western world captivated. Buzzfeed, BBC and, Billboard have all written articles on them.

So, who are FFC-Acrush? For starters, they’re part of a sports brand called FFC, or Fantasy Football Confederation. They specialize in training and developing. The FFC also make the artists under them play soccer, which company head Wang Tainhai says makes his popstars “sunny, healthy, and full of positive energy.”

Like a lot of idol groups, the five didn’t know each other prior the band. Zhou Xiaobai, the group’s agent, started the search for androgynous artists on March 2016. Zhou was inspired by Li Yuchun, a Chinese popstar who also rocks the androgynous look. By September, they’ve narrowed the field down to 10 possible idols. After two months of idol training, Lu Keran, An Junxi, Peng Xichen, Min Junqian, and Lin Fan were ready to take the stage.


What I find so cool about this group is that they defy the binary. Zhou doesn’t want the band to be referred to as anything gender specific. Instead, they’ve chosen the term “meishaonian”, which translates to “handsome youths”. On Weibo, Acrush’s fans call their biases, “husbands”, a term usually for male faves. The “A” in Acrush even means Adonis, the Greek god of male beauty. Their agent said that Acrush is “A group advocating freedom, not bounded by frames.”

FFC-Acrush is set to drop their first music video by the end of April. I can’t wait to see these meishaonian in action!