American Rock Band Fall Out Boy debuts a new single “The Last of the Real Ones” along with its simple, weird, but epic music video.

It is the third single off of their upcoming seventh album, “M A  N   I    A” which was supposed to be released September 15th but was pushed back to next year.

The Llamas Are Back

Fall Out Boy unveiled their new sound last April through the album’s first single “Young and Menace” which received a mix of reviews. What left a mark though, besides the realization that FOB is leaning towards dubstep are the llamas in the music video.

We kinda missed them on the second MV and single “Champion,” which is my personal favorite by the way, that featured an Inception-like concept and a star studded cast including Jaden Smith.

With “The Last of the Real Ones,” the llamas are back and we surely did get enough of them. I won’t spoil everything though, just go watch the MV.

‘M A  N   I    A’

After hearing their second single “Champion” I got pretty excited for the new album.

That excitement, however, have to be prolonged as frontman, Patrick Stump tweeted that the album would be released January 19th next year because “they want the record to be better ” and it will require a bit more time.

Read his full statement here:

Stump have said that the new album would be totally different from what they have done in the past, and if by moving the release date would mean they put out better music for us fans, then why the hell not, right?

Oh and by the way here’s a conspiracy theory for ya’ll: Foo Fighters are releasing their ninth album Concrete and Gold on September 15th… and what if, FOB moved theirs because they’d probably get stumped (see what I did there) if they put theirs out along with the Foo’s?

Alright, too much overthinking already, just watch their new MV below

What do you think of the llamas… err the new single?

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