After a 10-year hiatus, Filipino alternative rock band Orange & Lemons will reunite as a trio in 70s Bistro, Quezon City. The new lineup consists of Clem Castro on lead vocals, Ace Mundo on drums, and JM del Mundo on bass.

A Rocky, Eventful History

Orange & Lemons were known for their incorporation of music from different eras from The Beatles of the 60s, to The Smiths of the 80s, to local group Eraserheads of the 90s. Being one of the first bands to have an eclectic music genre, they gained commercial success and remains to be one of the most influential bands of the 2000s local music scene.

After Clem met Mcoy Fundales in the mid-90s, they formed several groups with other friends and settled on the name Orange & Lemons. The two met the del Mundo brothers in a bar in their hometown of Bulacan, and their “She’s Leaving Home” demo took over the NU107.5 FM airwaves. The band took a three-year hiatus in 2000, coming back with the del Mundo brothers as part of the permanent lineup.

During the same year, they teamed up with Toti Dalmacion and became the flagship artist for Terno Recordings. Their one-album deal gave birth to “Love in the Land of Rubber Shoes and Dirty Ice Cream”, winning the band Best New Artist in the 2004 NU107 Rock Awards. As their deal with Terno Recordings expired, major label Universal Records picked up the band for their sophomore album “Strike While The Iron Is Hot” in 2005. ABS-CBN offered the band a chance to write the jingle for Pinoy Big Brother, and they came up with “Pinoy Ako,” giving them one of their biggest breaks.

In 2007, they released their junior album “Moonlane Gardens”. This marked the final Orange & Lemons album, with “Fade” as their final single. They announced their breakup and continued on to different paths—Mcoy Fundales formed Kenyo with the del Mundo brothers and Clem joined forces with original bassist Law Santiago for The Camerwalls.

New Beginnings

Their 2007 parting didn’t stem from arguments according to Fundales. It was more of musical differences between the members; one member wanted this, another wanted something else, and they could no longer find a common ground. Castro recently admitted that he and Fundales have personal and creative irreconcilable differences, therefore his chances of re-joining the band are slim to none.

On September 29, exactly 10 years after their last gig in the United States, they’ll be reuniting as a trio in 70s Bistro for Armaggedon Is Coming To Town! Coincidentally, they’ll be playing in the same venue where they last performed for a Manila audience before disbanding. Come by with P350 in hand and enjoy a free drink, plus performances from Blind Stereo Moon, Maegan Trees, and The Strange Creatures.

The second half of 2017 is proving to be an exciting half for local music fans, with other legendary bands such as The Out of Body Special reuniting for special gigs. Eraserheads next, maybe?