Kanye West could be returning once again as Paradise International Music Festival 2018 has been finally confirmed!

PIMF happened in 2016 and has taken a short break this year presumably to prepare for an even larger comeback for 2018.

Paradise International Music Festival 2016 highlights include performances from Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Afrojack, Up Dharma Down, our very own Joyce Pring, and many more. Unfortunately, there is still no lineup for PIMF 2018. However, we can expect that it will be another star-studded event considering the last one was a huge success.

Paradise International Music Festival 2018 Lineup

Organizers of Paradise IMF asked fans earlier this year who they want to see in the next event. Some were quick to answer Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Childish Gambino, and Chance the Rapper. Even one or two out of the suggestions would prove to be a huge surprise for fans in the Philippines. Other popular suggestions include The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Post Malone, and even Eminem.

Who else could be at PIMF 2018’s lineup? Some are hoping for FlumeThe XXTove Lo, and more. For the locals, some are suggesting Urbandub’s reunion and Franco.

Paradise IMF wrote in a tweet that the multi-genre music festival will be giving Castaways a bigger and more festive atmosphere. Announcements of the acts will “happen later this year.”

No exact date was given, but we can expect it to be the same as summer time for 2018. Tickets and venue could be announced also later this year along with the Paradise International Music Festival 2018 lineup.

Paradise IMF Tickets

With the first one turning out as a huge success, PIMF 2018 is now anticipated to be bigger and better. The festival goes toe to toe with other big shots such as Chroma Music Festival and the upcoming Road to Ultra Philippines 2017.

Since it would be considered “better” than the first one, VIP tickets for PIMF 2018 could go as high as PHP 15,000. Interested fans might want to save up now.

Who do you want to see at Paradise International Music Festival 2018?

Photo is from wethepvlic