Pop-rock fans lo and behold! Against The Current is having a stopover in Manila for their “In Our Bones World Tour” and it’s absolutely free!

‘In Our Bones World Tour Pt. II’

Pop-Rock band “Against The Current” can’t seem to get enough of their Filipino fans as they’re going to hold two, you read that right, two free concerts in Manila!

This is the third time “Paramoresque”, pop-rock band from Poughkeepsie, NY which headlined by lead-vocalist, Chrissy Constanza, will take the stage in Manila. The last one being their first “In Our Bones” World Tour which is held last Sept. 10, 2016 at SM Skydome.

In a tweet, lead vocalist Chrissy Constaza said that their Philippine fans gave them so much love, they’re making their fourth appearance in the Philippines free of charge. Hooray for free concerts!

Everybody is freaking out upon reading that their favorite band’s two shows in Manila would be free.

A Humble Start

This pop-rock band was formed in 2011 by members Dan Gow, Will Ferri, Joe Simmons and Jeremy Rompala and later in summer of 2011 Chrissy Constanza joined becoming to what we know “Against The Current” today.

Their social media following quickly skyrocketed after gaining considerable amount of fame in Youtube by posting several covers of different songs, including a song by Paramore, and working with other Youtube artist like Alex Goot and Sam Tsui. And on May 2014, they’ve released their debut EP “Infinity” which they’ve released independently and charted No.28 on Heatseekers Album (which is handled by Billboard.).

Touring around the world in support for their EP “Infinity”, the band started working on another EP entitled “Gravity” which again gained considerable amount of plays that solidifies them as a band to watch out for.

After touring from “Gravity”, “In Our Bones” were announced back in Febraury 6, 2016 as their first ever full-length studio album.

A Different Sound

If you were like me, this is the first time I’ve listened to Against The Current (upon writing this article), and the band’s sound really have changed throughout the years. You can’t really pinpoint their genre as their every song has a different kind of arrangement and musical directions with songs like “Gravity” which is more pop-sounding against “Fireproof” being more of a rock track. With that, Against The Current is surely a band you should listen to.

Their September 30 show will be held at UP Town Center, while the October 1 show will be held at Ayala Malls Soledad.


See you there ATC Fans!