After months of demanding work inside the Yellow Room Studio, indie band Jensen and the Flips are almost ready to release their sophomore album! A tweet posted on the band’s official Twitter confirmed the the album title as “B TT R”, set to be launched on October 7 in Century City Mall.

We Be Flippin’

From playing monster gigs to collaborating with Moonstar88, it’s safe to say Jensen and the Flips are having a good year so far. Their debut album “Honeymoon” garnered positive reactions from local critics and indie music fans. The band’s funky fresh flavor overflowed the debut album, showing each individual’s musicality and input in carving the record’s sound. “Honeymoon” will get you shuffling on your feet by the end of the first track, and the only thing better than the album is seeing them live. They’ve got a knack for escalating the energy and lighting up the room, whether it’s in a bar or school event. I can personally attest to the latter: after the release of “Honeymoon,” they closed my alma mater’s Linggo ng Musikang Pilipino stage and literally everyone was dancing. We weren’t even able to finish our script because we didn’t want to be buzzkills!

“B TT R”

What’s the first word that comes in your mind—bitter or better? That’s the question the Flips pose to their listeners because “B TT R” reaches out to both. During the launch of their first single “BDYTLK,” the band decided to move towards a more mature and aggressive musical direction. That’s not to say they’re letting go of their upbeat music. If anything, we’re predicting riper lyricism mixed with a sense of first-hand experiences. After all, life lessons are one of the few things that encourage growth.

Make sure to save the date! The “B TT R” album launch ensues on October 7 in Century City Mall. Stay better—or bitter, Jensen and the Flips won’t judge.