Celebrate the 28th birthday of one of the country’s most revered producers, similarobjects, on October 27 at Today x Future! Sorry for dropping the number but hey, there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your age.

The Theory of Collective Unconscious

For those unaware, the moniker “similarobjects” refers to Carl Jung’s theory of collective unconscious. His electronic tracks take in a mass amount of influences ranging from lo-fi, chill trap, IDM, and so much more. His 2010 release “blackairconsober” got the attention of online music publication Pitchfork Media. Deeper Manila Records didn’t waste a second picking up the producer and releasing another EP, “Quanta.” He’s been at his craft non-stop, setting up his own music school called Cosmic Sonic Arts, teaching Electronic Music in De La Salle-College of St. Benilde, and co-founding one of Manila’s most respected music communities, The BuwanBuwan Collective.

His talent doesn’t go unnoticed. A sought-after act in Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival since 2011, he’s shared the stage with the likes of Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest, Jordan Rakei, and Roy Ayers. On top of that, similarobjects’ tracks swept the international airwaves of Sydney, Europe, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn.

Echo Grass: Unsilencing

As September ends (speaking of, happy birthday American Idiot!) and October rolls around, similarobjects and friends are gearing up to go ham at Today x Future for Echo Grass: Unsilencing. They refer to Echo Grass as “A curious herb that can restore a person’s voice, to the point of making one want to shout at the top of one’s lungs. With chanting an essential part of spell-casting, losing the ability to speak can subdue even the most potent of magics. As such, the wises mages make sure to carry an ample supply of this herb, with many going so far as to grow them in their private gardens.”

He’ll be joined by fellow BuwanBuwan producers like AYON, BIN5, ESCURI, and LIKE ANIMALS. Their Japanese comrades TOMAD (MALTINE RECORDS JP), TEXIYAMA (POKO / Rhetorica / JP), PARKGOLF (JP), and PAS LAM SYSTEM (JP) are flying in to kick it with them. More acts are joining the festivities so make sure to mark your calendars—October 27 at Today x Future!

Featured image from Billboard PH