Keiko Necesario has got to be one of the most soulful singers that we have in the country today. It is no question that she’s got that voice that would make you want to feel all the words in a song.

Keiko have been dropping hints about her new EP, ESCAPE, for a while. And, now, she has finally dropped a teaser that have made us all excited for her new music!

She’s set to release her ESCAPE EP by June 30, 2017 at Route196.

If you like going on Youtube for covers, you have probably come across one of Keiko’s cover songs that is all over Youtube! Here’s one that you might have heard of before if you like OPM covers:

Keiko is actually one of the sweetest and passionate artists we’ve ever met. It shows if you’ve been following her and her music for a while. It shows you that she’s always been so grateful whenever she performs.

Here’s one of the interviews we did in Stages Sessions x Route 196, and mind you, the gig was even on her birthday!

So far, only the date and venue has been announced so make sure to follow Keiko in her social media for updates about her upcoming EP Launch!

You can also catch her in her upcoming shows. Here’s a big one she’s most excited about!