The group that introduces the best-undiscovered EDM in the Philippines has launched their one-of-a-kind party series!



On June 23, Friday, Emoji Records, held the first of the Bass N’ Bacon event series at Pubrika in Kapitolyo, with the goal being “to elevate the best of local music by giving aspiring DJ-Producers an opportunity to be heard,” while creating a new brand of party culture in the Philippines.

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“This is history in the making.”

Featuring performances from BSTRDPRNCE, Katsy Lee, MC Boo, DIMAS, MJ Collarga, Borhuh, Meraki, Jet Boado, Marcue, MC Crookx, Santelmo, Nicky Montes, Monti Comia, VELLE, Karl Soriano and Keela, Bass N’ Bacon invited everybody with not only this lineup, but with other fun and banging surprises!

While Emoji Records is still in their infant steps with Bass N’ Bacon, these party-lovers sure know their people as the event bragged free entrance, free good music, free booze, and – you know it – free bacon!

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Emoji Records

During the event, we got to chat with Velle Santos and Jared Celemin of the record label. These two are inviting everybody to join in the crazy at their next event. These people are 2 of the few that pioneered EDM news in the Philippines (as seen through premier digital media platforms for electronic music news, EDM Philippines, Rave.PH, and

Staying faithful to the artists that they support, they are doing all efforts to keep the music they’re promoting accessible to all who are curious and willing to hear it. And, they also backing the community by making sure the local party scene stays heard and relevant. Apart from promising to keep the Bass N’ Bacon series free-of-charge as much as they can, they are also pushing for their DJ’s and music producers to play their own music at festivals and other major gigs.

Read Velle’s personal experience at Chroma Music Festival 2.0 here!

Green City Mobbin

Another exciting group of people we met by chance are the guys of Green City Mobbin. This is a movement built for artists across all art forms hailing from Pasig City. For a while now, we have been trying to find more about our local rap and hip-hop community, and it seemed to me that meeting this group was sweet serendipity at its finest as they clearly have quite a lot to tell of the scene.

“Parang K-pop ‘yan eh. Yung Koreano kasi, umaangat yung music nila sa ibang bansa. Paano ‘yung music namin? People listen to this motherf****ng Korean, pero they don’t understand their motherf****ng language.”

-Lyndon “Dzby” Austria of Droppbangerz

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Make sure to watch out for the full impromptu interview I had with them coming to my YouTube channel soon!

But more than the free beats and treats…

I think the event is simply nothing but a place for authentic creators and music producers to come together and celebrate what we have achieved in the industry thus far. It’s about meeting the ones that truly believe in and fight for the Filipino music artist. So, if you think we’ve got you curious enough to dig deeper into good electronic music, make sure to come to the next Bass N’ Bacon and have a chat with us! We’ll be glad to fill you in on what’s happening in the scene – over booze & bacon. *wink*

We would like to say our biggest thanks to Emoji Records for inviting us to a solid 10-hour dance party. It was but the sweetest end to our week!

We’ll see you on the next one 😉