Disneyland Paris will be hosting the world’s first EDM music festival by Disney. Dubbed as Electroland, the said event will be happening on July.

Disney and EDM

With Disney dishing out new “Star Wars” and Marvel Cinematic Universe films every year, an EDM festival is really not much of a surprise. The company wants to make money and entering the colorful scene of music festivals. Speaking of color, check out our coverage of the recent Chroma Music Festival 2.0 here.

Electroland is legit and we know it because Steve Aoki will be headlining Disney’s EDM festival. Disney told DigitalSpy that the event will be open to 10,000 guests. Since it will be held in Disneyland Paris on July 8, French DJs Richard Orlinski and Michael Calfan will also be present to drop their mixes.

Electroland and Rides

Disney said that the event wills start at 7PM and will run until midnight. Guests can still ride the amusement park rides while listening to good old EDM music.

“A spectacular outdoor stage of Production Courtyard, in the heart of the Walt Disney Studios Park, is waiting for you with a breathtaking decor,” says Disney.

Tickets for Disneyland Paris Electroland are now available at the event’s official website. Can this be a start of something new for theme and amusement parks?

Who knows? Our very own Enchanted Kingdom and Star City could host their own EDM festivals which will probably be named Magicland and Starland, respectively.