If you are really a fan of Ebe Dancel, you probably shed some tears and joined the crowd on cue giving Ebe a standing ovation after he graced his first solo concert last Saturday, February 29.

The audiences raised their voice high as Ebe Dancel opened his show with the rock version of his song, ‘Prom’ followed by another lively one, ‘Hay Buhay’ the album of his former band, Sugarfree.

With the participation of Manila String Machine at Metrotent Convention Center, Ebe proceeded with a sweet-nostalgic serenade directed at fans.

Revealing His Written Masterpieces

One of our favorite moments was when he gave a formed of love letter songs which addressed for those who felt saddened after he bade goodbye to his former band — Sugarfree.

We can also note that during the grand celebration of his 20 years music career, the singer-songwriter also told the story of how he wrote the song ‘Kasayaw’ for his dear mother who was present during the live event — one of the heartwarming moments during the show that truly made the fans feel the immense love between mother and son.

Photo by: Allen Estrada

His family was also there to fully support him and as a real treat, during the middle of the show, his nephews joined him on the stage as he told the story behind Tulog Na — a song that was written for someone who has an Insomnia.

He also made a bold declaration as he encouraged those who experience depression by sharing his story of overcoming his own battles with anxiety with the warm support of his family and fans.

They also posted ‘Hopeline’ a call to reach out to those who are battling depression and to make sure that everyone knows how they can get in contact with a support group during their darkest days.

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Wrapping With Gratitude

Aside from recognizing the amazing 20 years of Ebe in the music industry,  he also launched his new album, ‘Baliktanaw’ and as an added bonus he let his fans buy signed copies of his newly released 11-track album at the entrance of the event.

Linya-linya also sold their own witty design of Ebe Dancel’s Shirt – a true hit as a lot of his avid fans instantly made purchases.

Photo by: Allen Estrada

Towards the end of the concert, Ebe Dancel thanked the people who helped him, especially those who were hard at work behind the scenes in crafting and hemming his first-ever solo concert — his best friend slash manager, Trici Nicolas, and his comrades, Chino David, the musical director, and Paolo Valenciano, the creative director.

Truly, this celebration is enough proof that our local music artists deserve to be commemorated and honored for their excellence. It is also a great reminder of why Ebe Dancel is and will always be one of the greatest musicians the Philippine music scene has ever had.

We loved how this solo concert showed us how he truly loved his fans, and on how much thought he has put into writing his songs.

The night ended with gratitude and a farewell of the past decade, but honestly, to us, it sounded like he is ready to take on 20 more years of great music! And we can’t wait!

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