DIMAS released a VIP track of his collaboration with DZ SVG, or more famously known as Dino Imperial, titled “Dope Until We Die (DUWD)” which was initially released a year ago.

UDOU PH got to ask a few questions about the duo:

Why DZ SVG? (Dizzy Savage)

DZ SVG: It started with Dizzy, cause that was a name I wanted to use as my graffiti name back when I was like 17. Then my friend, Nick Hernandez, was going to hire me to be an MC. I was asking what’s my name going to be? He (Nick) said that just use Dizzy if you want.

So it was MC Dizzy then years later, when I discovered there was a rapper from Las Vegas too named Dizzy D Flashy. Later, he changed it to Dizzy Wright. I didn’t want to seem like I was copying him so I changed it to MCDZ when I got back then I eventually dropped MC. This is because my rapper friends said it was corny to have MC, so I just dropped it then added SVG because my clan mates (Bawal Clan) call me Master Savage, so I just turned it into DZ SVG like with MCDZ I got rid of the other letters.


DIMAS: Because that’s the name my father gave me.

What inspired DUWD?

DIMAS: Alcohol, and lots of free time. For me, anyway.

DZ: well, dope… hahaha cause the first draft i heard was “Drunk Until We Die”, then i thought, why not dope? like we dope? like dope fly , we fresh type of dope.

How did you to guys come together?

DZ: i saw him at Hydro Iloilo, just vibing alone to the music in the front, note, it was a event where alcohol was prohibited, and he was ragin, so i came up to him and said, “hey man, i really love your vibe.” and from there he told me he produces and i rap, then that was that

DIMAS: Yeah, Hydro was really the catapult for us getting together to work on a song.  We messaged each other at the time I was working on the original version of “DUWD.  He enjoyed the vibe of it, then he wrote down lyrics, rapped on it, and here we are, doing a VIP remix of the first one I made last year.  

Any plans to collab live?

DIMAS: We’ve already collaborated live a couple of times during my DJ sets.  I reckon the first was last December 2016 when I guested at Chaos.

DZ: we performed together at Chaos, and at Bass N Bacon, there were supposed to be more, but then i fell alseep during the gig lol

DIMAS: Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me of that.

Between the two of you, who gets more chicks?

DZ: well….. if this was last year, i was the one always talkin about groupie hoes, while Dimas was always very nice, gentleman like… but yeah.. lets just say … uhm i take advantage of the hype.. lol

DIMAS: Not exactly a gentleman in the purest sense, but more like a shy guy in all my isolation.  He’s committed. I’m introverted.  That’s that.

If you could become immortal on the condition you would NEVER be able to die or kill yourself, would you choose immortality?

DIMAS: I’d still choose free bacon over that. Nevertheless, if there was any way to be immortalized, we’d probably do it through the stuff we love to do, which is making music.  

DZ: well making music and releasing it to the public is one way to be immortalized… and if ever i would be immortal for real .ill just keeping making art, then every generation ill just change my name and persona.

Find more of their work here:

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