A solid line up of artist like Autotelic, Quest, Keiko Necesario, Leanne and Naara, December Avenue, Reese
Lansangan, IV of Spades, Silent Sanctuary, with Sponge Cola as the headliner and Shanne Dandan as the opening
act during the Dauntless Manila Turns 1 event brought up so much hype that it resulted to gaining so much social media attention.

Promotional posts and tweets of heavy weight bands being present for the gig made me and everyone else all the more excited. The location was at Bside, Makati. For the price of Php550  regular walk-ins can enter, whilst it is priced at Php450 for the first 100 and a special Php350 price for the early reservists. I must admit, it was a bit pricey for a regular gig goer. But what the heck, with a solid line up like that and artists that I wanted to see, who gives a rat’s ass on the price itself.  Besides, maybe there is something else that’s . a bit more special with the event. It was after all an anniversary thing, so I expected a lot of celebrating and well – one epic night. But, wait for it.

I was dead wrong.

The Event

I’ve been to a lot of gigs and they usually have freebies (either, a bottle of beer or stickers), and when I saw the ticket price — I’ll be honest that I was really hesitant to go, I mean Php 550 at Bside? But hey, maybe I’d get a 500ml of Redhorse – we good man, we good. Althou,  I was  seriously starting to be really pessimistic but I’ll still give it the benefit of the doubt. After all, no money can ever equate to a hell of a good time.

But then, as it goes — All the BS started happening as we were entering. I am aware that people would come — rather, Dauntless tweeted that they still had 900 slots available.. 900! This isn’t the MRT train people! It’s an anniversary event at Bside!

Anyways, being the rational human that I am. I lined up and it took me like forever (over an hour) to actually get in. The funny thing was there was only 1 person allotted to take care of the entrance. (If I was the organizer – and I am expecting over 900, I would’ve opened up over 4 entry gateways). To be fair, there was another reception area but they said they only catered to the reserved guests. I asked because there was this long line that snaked around and this other one with no one lining up. What did I think? Well, I initially thought that they didn’t care if people waited, BUT, as it turns out — it’s their event so they don’t really give a damn.

More Rant…

Oh, and the saddest part? There were no free drinks, I expected this since it wasn’t mentioned in the promotional posters and it’s Bside. But, that was like 550 right there guys, one free item would’ve made it a sweeter deal. But hey, Beer is like 60-65?So I guess – Pwede na? But again, it is B-side — a crowded spot, so naturally it was already super-hot; plus add in a big crowd.

If you’ve been to a gig there already expect it to be really hot, but then again you paid one heavy price for the event so I was expecting big fans but nope, wrong again. The real shitty part was — (I’m sure it wasn’t just me whose pissed) is the sound system. Maaaaaan, a lot of people were pissed with the audio guy. I bet even some of the artist  had a hard time to perform since most of the time we kept getting loud long feedbacks. Worst, was at sometimes the mic just dies mid song. To add to that the smoke from the barbecue would sometimes envelope the place. It was purely just chaotic.

Did I enjoy? Of course! I managed to see the bands and artists that I like and even found new ones to follow. Besides, I was
there already, they made money from me so I had no choice but to make the most out of it. Though it was really funny to see
that people were actually leaving once they saw the artist that they came to see. Usually, people would finish all the artists.

There were in particular two bands that I noticed were actually the ones pulling the crowd. One of which is, (of course) IV of Spades and the other is December Ave. As mentioned earlier, with the end of their sets a lot of people started leaving. I suppose it was because people were tired and it was also quite late (with the most part — being attributed to the delays due to the poor audio equipment). Out of curiosity, I checked twitter if there were complaints — some are posted up there, but a lot more were aimlessly just ranting out at the event itself. LOL.

Personally, I had reached my limit and was unable to see Quest and Spongecola. It was late, I was tired and I
still had work in the morning so I had to go after watching December Ave.

All is well that ends well

To end it, I guess the bright side that I saw people who really did enjoy and a lot of them did have a good time. I then basically wondered if these people have been to other gigs or was I just getting old and had a lot of complaints? I checked myself, if I would I go back to something like this? Meh..I guess I’d check the price, location, the promoter before the artists. Anything related to this event would be at the bottom of my gig go-to list. I would definitely say that I’d rather stick to the good old bars that made me start watching gigs in the first place.

About the Author:

Kevin Lau – aka “neil” is a resident gig-goer who was sort of pushed into writing about one of his gig-escapades; and man are we happy he did.

P.S : Photos are by Kevin too. Thanks dude.

Edited by Marie.