Since our local live gigs have been canceled because of the Corona Virus spread, Kean Cipriano’s record label plans to entertain us with their online concert soon!

After our country began to receive the news regarding with the suspension of classes and social distancing, the frontman of Callalily, Kean Cipriano confirmed plans for an online concert showcasing his OC records artists. If you attend last UP Fair: Hiwaga, you probably witnessed the success of the said record label together with other local artists.  And now, Kean contemplated this kind of event that is really perfect for our lonesome hearts. Aren’t we all excited?

Photo By: Allen Estrada

In line with that, here’s what Kean wrote on Twitter last Friday after he canceled all the gigs for the safety of audiences and his artists.

The home of the great artists and bands like Unique Salonga, Earl Generao, Arthur Nery, Bita and the Bottflies, Rice Lucido, Calein, Halina and many more, will sooner make our hearts flutter at home. Although there was no scheduled artist who will play on their live concert yet, we can count on O/C Records that it will be surely a great show!

Photo By: Allen Estrada

As we wait patiently, you can still stream their songs on Spotify and make sure to dive in also in their OC records official website. Which O/C record artists do want to see at their online concert? For more updates, stay tuned for OC records social media pages and ready your music heart to sing at the bottom of your lungs even when you’re in your room!

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