‘TALA: The Film Concert Album’ includes Sarah Geronimo’s explosive performances of her smash hits like “Kilometro”, “Dulo”, and “Ikot-Ikot”.

Sarah Geronimo’s first-ever online streamed concert, entitled “TALA: The Film Concert Album”, marked her highly anticipated return to the stage after quite a while. A lovely kick of nostalgia and a newfound sense of amazement filled the Popsters’ hearts as the pop star royalty delivered a series of live onstage performances featuring her songs from different eras of her career.

Sarah G Tala The Film Concert

That’s right. The special event was a trip back to how it all started, setting off with a performance of ‘Sa Iyo’, Sarah G’s breakout hit in 2003 when she also started establishing a name in show business. At the same time, the singer also performed live her 2020 rendition of Rico Blanco’s “Your Universe”, which was part of Rico Blanco Songbook.

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Of course, in-between the earliest and the latest are some of her biggest and career-defining singles of the past decade, including the Thyro Alfaro-Yumi Lacsamana-written singles “Kilolmetro”, “Dulo”,  “Duyan”, “Misteryo”, and “Ikot-Ikot”.

Apart from her chart-topping originals, Sarah G. belted out some of today’s most popular hits like BTS’ Dynamite, The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights”, and Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” and “Break My Heart”.

Geronimo also crooned fans with “Isa Pang Araw”, one of the soundtracks of her 2018 hit film “Miss Granny“. The show ended with a heart-stopping, energetic performance of her viral hit “Tala”.

Directed by Paul Basinilio, “TALA: The Concert Film Album” was Sarah Geronimo’s latest full-length performance following her “Unified” concert with Regine Velasquez in February last year. It was streamed live on KTX.ph and iWantTFC on March 27.

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