Catch Ebe Dancel Live this Friday at “MYX PRESENTS: EBE DANCEL DIGITAL CONCERT”

A nostalgia-filled Friday evening awaits everyone, thanks to Ebe Dancel.

Ebe Dancel’s first solo concert was one of the last events we’ve physically attended before the COVID-19 pandemic. On February 29, his fans were treated to a pre-pandemic live musical experience as Ebe celebrated his 20th year in the local music scene via a memorable show.

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He’s back!


Mark your calendar, because we’re in for a #TGIF treat by Ebe Dancel and MYX Philippines. The music channel, in partnership with Choco Music, proudly gives you ‘MYX Presents: Ebe Dancel Digital Concert,’ a virtual event featuring live performances by the legendary OPM singer-songwriter, Ebe Dancel, set to happen on September 18, Friday.

It’s gonna be a pleasant trip down the memory lane as Ebe performs hits that have become every Filipino millennial’s background music as they lived through the pains and pleasures of growing up.

As the former frontman of the band Sugarfree, Ebe Dancel is the musical genius behind some of OPM’s most profound and moving songs such as, “Makita Kang Muli,” “Tulog Na,” “Wag Ka Nang Umiyak,” and “Burnout.” Now, as a soloist, he’s gonna be taking us with him in his 20-year journey as a respected musician. At the event, he’s also gonna be discussing the vinyl release of his ‘Baliktanaw’ album.

The digital concert will be hosted by MYX VJ, Ai Dela Cruz. You can catch it live at 8 PM on MYX Philippines’ official Facebook page and Youtube channel.

What’s your favorite track by Ebe Dancel?

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