“Yellow” came out in 2000, “Yellow” is the only Coldplay song I really know. 17 years and 5 albums later, the band finally announced that they would visit the Philippines as part of their Head Full of Dreams World Tour. Naturally, people flocked and the tickets sold like crazy. I never thought I would go to a Coldplay concert–until we did.


A Celebration of the New

So, here’s how it went down. Meek (You can follow her here, here, here, and here),  and I won tickets for an event on April 4, 2017. The people that we won the tickets for didn’t say “Congrats, you won tickets to the Coldplay concert!”, all they did was give us two specially marked cards and told us to be at the Conrad Hotel on the 4th of April. Before leaving us in confusion they also asked us to look up events happening on April 4 with the top result being: Coldplay’s Head Full of Dreams tour in Manila.


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Click the video below to see the night through her eyes (and lenses):

Well, turns out “Yellow” was the second song on their setlist which left me lost for the remainder of the concert. Funny thing about Coldplay concerts, it doesn’t matter if you know the songs or not. The band just gets everyone going and the whole show is a spectacle of what a concert can be if they pull all their punches. Fireworks. Confetti shooting out into the sky. Big colorful balls bouncing above the heads of the crowd.


The Coldplay concert even added a personal twist to their performance by composing a song on the spot for the occasion:

“I’m so happy that you are here today

Even if you are so far away

It feels like you can’t see a check

It’s two miles from the front to the back

But we’ve toured “My Head Full of Dreams”

Now we’ve made it to the Philippines

I’d say that the crowd is such a thrilla

They’re all killer, no filler

I’d tell you that the crowd is a thriller

Just listen to how they sound in Manila

Oh with love that we’re touring “My Head Full of Dreams”

Now we made it to the Philippines

Just listen to the way the crowd screams”

And that the crowds did, from the first song to their last, the 17 year wait was over and everyone made sure they were heard.

I wasn’t really a fan of Coldplay when the night began, but there’s just something about seeing artists perform live that really adds to the whole musical experience. Here’s some advice: Go out and see more bands and artists. I assure you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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