We promised you exclusive interviews. Now, after a few week’s wait, we’re so excited to finally present our Chroma 2017 AfterParty movie!

In this video, we chat with Aussie DJ duo, Rave Radio, our very own DJ Cathy Frey, Manila-based Australian DJ, Callum David, along with Manila Hypin’s MC Boo and EDM/nightlife photographer, Art Oca.

Watch as we have them share how they got into the scene, teach us the waltz, basic emceeing and photography, and why they are so passionate about giving the best nights to people all over the world.

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Join us as we launch AfterParty at the Hydro Laboracay 2017 at the Hennan Regency Resort from April 29-30!


Feature photo: Chloei Capili

Video by: Chloei Capili, Lord Marin, Meek Resngit

Edited by: Meek Resngit