After a long wait, Cheats finally launched their sophomore album, Before The Babies at DULO MNL and to be honest, it’s one of the best shows that I’ve ever been to! There was a lot of booze, food, and of course, pizza!! No tickets was sold at the gates and the crowd attendance was controlled because of the limited space of the venue, making the show more intimate. Early birds got a treat as they got to hang out and drink with the band while classic Playstation 1 games like “Crash Bandicoot”, “Mega Man”, “GTA” and a lot more was projected on the screen.

Beer-Fore The Babies

Everyone’s a bit tipsy by the time Sandwich hit up the stage with vocalist Raimund Marasigan on the bass filling up for Myrene Academia. Sandwich‘s timeless performance was followed by She’s Only Sixteen that brought us all the nostalgic feels and then Tom’s Story that amazed the crowd with their melodic guitar skills.

Extra Long Set!!

I’ve been listening to them since “Accidents” and “Newspaper Girl” but t’s just my second time to watch them live and I am super amazed by the energy this band radiates! Cheats played 17 songs that night. Yep, 17!! By the third song, which was “Crash”, everyone’s already going wild! Everyone got teary-eyed by the eighth song which was the title track of the album as Jim wrote it for the babies. By song number twelve, everyone’s still hyped up and even preggy Saab is full of energy.

The highlight of the night for me was when they played their last song, “Accidents”. The “calling out the animal” part shookt DULO literally!! Seriously, everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs and jumping while the whole place was shaking. It was the best way to close the awesome night!!

Words are not enough to describe the night so we made a video to relive the night if you’re there and see what you missed if you aren’t!!

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