Here’s something to brighten up your Wednesday: 8-piece Filipino indie rock band Cheats finally announced a release date for their sophomore album! “Before the Babies” is set to mesmerize us in all its hipster goodness on October 28 at 20:20 in Makati.

It has been two years since Cheats’ self titled debut album came out, and based from the singles that they’ve been releasing these past few months, they got better than ever.

So while waiting for October 28, let’s talk about these singles, shall we?


It opens with energetic guitars and rests as if to give way for the full band. The catchy and simple chorus will have you singing long after you stop listening. Cheats displayed their improvement in here, as the sound became more mature, having the right blend of melodies, harmonies and the punk-ish beat.

Also, the music video featuring vocalist Candy Gamos is basically doing what we want to do whenever we listen to Cheats while in the MRT.


First of all, Candy and Saab are #BFFGoals on the music video. Second, the vocal harmonies of Jim, Saab and Candy are mind blowing plus the steady shuffling of drums on the background and melodies that are on-point. Instant feels trip.

No wonder how these guys and gals got to perform at Singapore’s Laneway Festival last year. Mind you, they’re the first band to represent our country at the yearly festival.

False Alarm

Another thing to love about Cheats, if you haven’t noticed yet, are their creative and hipster videos. So no one bats an eye when the music video of “False Alarm” is of Kyle Quismundo’s “gorgeous” hands playing with sand clay.

It. Is. Satisfying. The MV and the song, of course. It’s like Cheats has put a limit on its energy that it feels so chill the whole time. Like when the chorus comes on, it tries to go beyond that limit, but then backs off. Which is something I commend Cheats for doing because with all that energy, it is definitely hard to contain.

Well? Excited for October 28? Save the date and get your halloween costumes ready because it’s going to be a Cheats Halloween!

P.S. Wanna know what’s better than Cheats’ Album Launch? Free admission!!

Featured photo taken by Angel Agutaya