Charlotte Emma Aitchison, a.k.a. Charli XCX just released her new single ‘Boys’ and it comes with a music video (that she directed herself) featuring a LOT of popular male personalities, especially from the musicians pool.

The moment I’ve seen it, I realized that the concept was new and to be honest, it felt weird to watch these boys with their, uh, sensual looks.

I found out then that it was Charli XCX‘s intention to make the viewers see something new and break away from the traditional male gaze at pop videos.


No long words or protest needed, just a little role reversal and voila, you got a strong statement.

Can You Name Them All?

From Joe Jonas, to Oli Sykes, to and more, Charli XCX has got them all. The music video is so star studded that you have to watch again because you might have missed someone.

The thing is, these guys are doing what a girl does on your regular pop videos. From eating pancakes suggestively, to having pillow fights and cuddling puppies.

Crazy, right?

Busy Thinking About Boys

Soundwise, Charli XCX still pulls off her simple yet memorable approach. The first thing I noticed was that ‘sound’ that would never leave your head, which is also similar to the one you hear when you play Flappy Bird (R.I.P.). It leaves a mark and you’d probably hear it long after the song has stopped playing.

On the lyrics side, well, something feels contradicting for me.

Okay, so you make a music video that aims to break the stigma of men objectifying women, and then on the song you say that you can’t stop thinking about boys and you miss doing stuff just because of boys…

Darling, I can’t stop it even if I wanted

I know it’s two different things, men objectifying women and women going cray cray over a boy.

I just feel like it’s contradicting, that’s it. Fite me in the comments.

Anyhow, you’ve read my rant for too long already, here’s the music video!

What do you think of it? Seen someone you didn’t expect to see?

Tell us your thoughts below!