Fellow 90s and 2000s kids, our pop princess is finally coming to Manila!

Britney Spears will be taking a break from her wildly successful Las Vegas show to perform here on June 15 at the Mall of Asia Arena. Here’s her tweet about the event!

This concert is most likely for her 2016 album, “Glory”, but let’s hope she sings all the great Britney classics, like


“…Baby One More Time”,

and “I’m A Slave 4 U”.

The ticket prices range from a modest PHP 2,625 for general admission to PHP 28,350 for die-hard fans at SVIP. The folks at Wilbros, one of the big sponsors of the concert, posted the price list and seat guide on their Facebook page.

Every kid who liked to sing or dance in the 90s was exposed to Britney’s music. I remember being in a Christmas party when I was younger and singing my heart out to a karaoke version of “Oops!… I Did it Again”. Needless to say, I’m excited to be able to do that with thousands of other fans.

If you want some more Britney content, but with a cool indie spin, listen to Reese Lansangan’s cover of “Toxic”! You can find the video and an accompanying article here.

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