On July 29, 15 OPM bands will perform at Social House, Circuit Makati, with the likes of Milesexperience, Carousel Casualties, Keiko Necesario, Rob & the Hitmen, Lunar Lights, and Brisom among others.

“Reading takes us to another world and makes us feel less alone.”

All you have to do to watch and enjoy the music of these bands is by bringing at least two children’s books or pay 300 bucks. All of the proceeds will be for the benefit of the kids of Marawi.

Bookish Takish – All For a Great Cause

We all know about the battle that has been going on at Marawi for almost two months now, and as much as it pains us to admit, among the thousands of casualties are children that are living in fear, displaced from their homes, and their schools not conducive for learning.

But in spite the hatred and anger in this world and just as we’re about to lose faith in humanity, someone always somehow proves us wrong, and this time it’s [INDIE] Manila, primarily led by Bel Certeza, as they arranged a book drive gig for the benefit of the kids of Marawi.

Like pretty much everything, it all started from scratch as Bel started to look for bands willing to play (for free) for the said event, thinking of a title (that ended up with a Pedicab album reference: “Tugish Takish”), looking for volunteers, and finally, it’s happening.

A Little Help Goes A Long Way

It’s always heartwarming to see our local music scene coming together to help our brothers and sisters in need. Head on to Social House at 3PM this Saturday and help Marawi Children feel less alone and learn despite of the battle going on.

We made you a playlist of some of the bands playing for #BookishTakish, check them out!