What’s better than celebrating your birthday? Having a medyo-birthday gig on your medyo birthday.

Kai, Nina, Marianne, Eliesse, Coco, and Daine threw a birthday gig last October 6, at SaGuijo. Fun, right? But in reality, none of them actually have a birthday in October. Their birthdays are actually dated: June 2, June 3 June 21, December 29, August 8, and September 25 which was close enough but not that close.

Well, who cares though?  Kai and Marianne wanted to have a birthday gig and all six of them thought it was a good idea to celebrate their birthdays in one, hence the title #BirthdaySix that they scheduled on the 6th of October with six bands that each of them personally picked.

A Medyo-Birthday Gig

With RK Productions making the event possible, six best friends and the rest of SaGuijo danced the night away in their party hats listening to their favorite local acts. It’s really cool to have the chance to invite your favorite artist to play on your birthday gig (even if it’s technically not your birthday).

Coco likes Run Dorothy (and he likes the Dee…’s hair), Kai chose Shirebound and Busking because she have never seen him live, Nina picked Ben & Ben, Eliesse, according to her, was na-sorrys-and-goodbyes in the past, that’s why she got Banna Harbera to play, Daine is a fan of Carousel Casualties that all started when she heard their song San Junipero, because that’s her fave Black Mirror episode, and lastly Marianne likes Rob & the Hitmen and their groovy tunes.

As a bonus, early birds got a chance to watch Carlos Castaño‘s improptu set before everyone else played.

Happy Birthday!

It was everyone’s birthday that night and it was all fun and celebration. Shirebound and Busking brought out the feels early on followed by Run Dorothy. Banna Harbera amazed everyone especially me because it’s my first time to watch them live!

By the time Ben & Ben played, SaGuijo turned into a medyo-sauna but people didn’t mind as they danced to the crowd favorite, “Ride Home” and got their hearts broken with “Kathang Isip.” My personal favorite from the line up was Carousel Casualties. I liked them so much that I’ve been playing their songs non-stop on Spotify for days now. They’re music reminds me of The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys if you roll them into one, and add some of their own style.

Rob of Rob & The Hitmen wasn’t present that night but that didn’t keep everyone from singing their hearts out in his place including their very own manager, Cris Ramos.

Discover Bands

It’s probably a cliché thing in the indie scene to hear the words “go out and watch a band that you’ve never heard before because they might be your next favorite” but it’s actually true. OPM is very much alive and good music will always be around.

All you have to do is get out of your bed, go to SaGuijo or Route 196 or wherever there’s a local band playing (better check out and download the AfterParty app to know who’s playing and where!), grab a beer, make friends, and enjoy and support our own local music scene.

Happy Birthday and congratulations to RK Productions for a job well done on this event!

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