You can never be as smart as the smart ones out there or as rich as those top billionaires — but you can definitely be the best version of yourself – VP

Typical narratives of underdogs who went off to win great victories despite giant hurdles stacked against them usually are the viral story go-getters, and rightfully so, since well — they’re quite an amazing tell to read, plus it leaves us feeling good inside.

This however, won’t be just THAT. No, this will be a tale of the youngest man (I’ve personally encountered) who has life figured out. (Not everything — but mainly in the areas of his career, friends and family)

Let’s cut to black, let the credits come in and get the ball rollin’.

Welcoming the Unexpected

To the beginning, where I first encountered the now 21 – year old persona; known to many as the Victor Pring.

We shall go back to when he recounts how he got into the industry of being an MC “hype-man”. It was a long livid discussion, but the gist of it was : it all started “accidentally” during his carefree days of being a commercial model and since he has a natural affinity towards house party music — he is a frequent goer of rave events/parties in the hottest clubs. With most DJs being close friends, and his natural ability to turn up the party, he is given spots to be the dedicated C from a few minor sets to bigger ones. And one thing led to another — from being paid with one bottle of beer to signing on as a resident MC to becoming a mainstay act in all the biggest national music festivals to emceeing side by side with some of the most notable DJs in the country to the best international acts. Victor Pring has gone way and beyond in less than just a couple of years.

 No Accidents

When Destiny comes in form of an accident there’s no questioning it. Victor Pring’s story, the persona behind the brand is not fiction. It is a true-life story of someone who isn’t afraid to climb mountains to get to where he wants to be. May it be organizing festivals, or spearheading marketing campaigns for various brands he is an ambassadors of, or just the regular round about of networking and managing various companies he is affiliated with, a couple of which includes a clothing brand, a restaurant, bar amongst all others.

Wonderland of Growing

It’s of no surprise that he has slowly but surely climbed on top. With a kickass routine that is highlighted by his motto on doing everything as a lifestyle.

” Continuity is everything, to look at disciple as a meager task is useless, we must look at it as a means to an end”

And in the recent years he has been doing so. Continuing to grow and better himself. Inspiring dozens more like him to persevere and work hard. Looking back, it hasn’t been an easy road, along with people who has continued to light his way — he is scaling further and is getting to where he aims to be.

This industry is not for the faint of heart. It is a cut throat business and only those who took it into their hearts and soul will succeed. Victor Pring, a man of 21 has done that, with only just a couple of years under his belt, some would say that he has done more than most industry leaders. If he can — why can’t anyone with a heart?

Words that utter a significant resemblance to how he unites and strengthens those around him.

Happy Birthday Victor

The line says it all — from all of us here, to all of the lives you’ve touched, we bid you a Happy Birthday. We have seen you master yourself and your craft. Here is a toast to more years of growth and to higher levels being reached. There’s no stopping you, and we know that it’ll only propel you to move on to greater and bigger moments. Cheers!