Events can now be discovered easily thanks to today’s advancements in technology. There are now apps that can help you find out the nearest gig or rave in your area.

Gone are the days of asking your friends or relying on the radio station for news of upcoming events. With just a few taps or clicks, you can be on your way to the nearest bar to watch a gig of your favorite local artist.

Why You Should Use Apps for Events

Apps for events can easily let you find out what’s up in your area. You can even use them to find friends who are going to the same event as you are. The more the merrier!

In addition, you’ll only have to pay for the event themselves if they have tickets or entrance fees. These apps are free to use. They also have a plethora of other useful features that can help you enjoy the events even more.


Besides a list of events near you, SongKick also checks your music files and Spotify playlist to check for artists that you may want to track. For instance, the app will recommend gigs from SUD if you have their songs saved on Spotify.

You can choose to track only a few of the artists saved in your playlists. This way, the app can do a better job at tracking the ones that you really like.

SongKick - Apps for Events


If you want to see popular events near you, BandsinTown should be one of your apps for events. Don’t be fooled, the app’s name does not mean that only band events are shown. As of this writing, it even displays the event details for the upcoming Chroma Festival 2.0 in April.

BandsinTown can also hook you up with tickets and allow you to share the event on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’ll be able to see other users that will be attending as well.

BandsinTown - Apps for Events


If you don’t like to login your social media accounts, HeyLets lets you (pun intended) browse as a guest. What’s different with the app is that it shows potential hangouts such as bars and clubs. It also shows tourist spots.

For people who like to unwind, HeyLets is a good choice. You can also see what places are trending or if there are any hidden gems nearby.

HeyLets - Apps for Events


This one is also a bit different than the other apps for events. Eventbrite is for people looking for events for their careers and such. It shows meetups and seminars about tech, music and more.

If you’re the kind of person who’d rather go to meetups to help your career, Eventbrite should be your app. You can search for events near your area and they also handle tickets.

EventBrite - Apps for Events

Facebook Events

Who knew that one of the most famous event apps is already installed on your phone? Facebook Events is not new and has been a part of the social network even before the mobile app blew out of proportion. There is also a dedicated app that the social network giant launched recently.

All events can be found in the app. What makes it better for some is that they will be able to see which of their Facebook friends will be attending the same events.

Facebook - App for Events

Which of these do you already use? They are all free and there’s no harm in trying!