24 acts on the lineup, crispy and chewy bacon to pass around, and all the Jäger we can stomach? Sign us the F up! We got our tummies and liver ready for BASS N’ BACON 3!

Greasy Fingers

The head honchos of Emoji Records, BSTRDPRNCE (Jared Celemin) and VELLE (Velle Santos), wanted a get-together with a little bit of everything people loved in one party—bacon, booze, and bass. Their debut back in June proved to be a major success; even with a smaller lineup, their anticipated audience size of 100 people multiplied by five and they had to squeeze them like sardines on the street of East Capitol Drive. From that faithful night, they got the local scene wrapped around their greasy fingers!

Three months later, they brought their follow-up party to the homies down south. With a bigger venue and an even more boastful lineup, the south proved to be a strong candidate against the north. Hooligans in costumes danced in the dark, creating a vibe similar to the illegal 80s raves in the UK. “We want bacon! We want bacon!” echoed the hall as the crowd began to nitpick on whatever was being passed around until breakfast time.

Third Time’s the Charm

Unsurprisingly, demand for the third edition of BNB overwhelmed Emoji Records. In order to provide, Jared and Velle looked through every nook and cranny in the Metro for the most suitable people for their year-ender. BSTRDPRNCE, DZ SVG, MC Boo, VELLE, L.E.M., MC Crookx, DM, Jet Boado, BVSSFVCE, MC Kappo, Those Damn Nerds, Monti Comia, Nick Hernandez, Travis Monsod, Goblins, Loonyo, Renz Elma, Chinasyndrome, Danger Sanchez, Katsy Lee, Rudys Farinas, Dimas, MC KYXZ, and Julian Otsuka will be providing the bangers. To top it off, they’ve partnered with Smash Brother’s Barbershop, Kontrabrand, Dizkret Clothing, Jägermeister, and Purefoods Bacon for all the goods!

BASS N’ BACON 3 is turning up at URBN QC on Friday, November 24! If you haven’t gotten your exclusive invitation, you still have a chance of getting in. Make sure you show up in costume by the door or you’ll be missing out on all the fun. See you!