BAND NAMES: 5 Artists Who Can’t Let Go of Their Former Group Count

Band names are essential to what makes a band, do you agree?

If The Beatles, Radiohead, Nirvana, or maybe even Eraserheads or Urbandub changed their band names, would they have the same recall? Or would it give them an entirely different brand?

We don’t really know for sure since these bands stuck to their names till the end. Which is also the case for the bands we’ll be talking about in this post.

1. IV of Spades


We’ve heard all the drama about releasing music videos on the same day, and Unique Salonga now going solo.

The boys of IV os Spades are now down to three, but they’re still sticking to the name.

Current Members:

2. Fifth Harmony

Surprisingly, not everyone knows that before Camila Cabello became a solo artist, she was part of the American girl group called Fifth Harmony.

We have a whole piece about it which you can check out here. But for now, let us give you the names of the members who were left in the group. Because all these members are now making a name for themselves too, and you NEED to memorize their names.


3. Maroon 5

Did you guys ever notice that Maroon 5 actually added members to their band? Or were you just focused on Adam Levine like the rest of the world?

Don’t worry, we’ll update you on it, from the original five members, did you know that they’ve actually added two more?

Current Members:

4. Ben&Ben

Another band who added members to their group is Ben&Ben.

Admit it, when you first heard about ’em, you probably thought that there were only two guys in the band. At least, that was how it was for some of us at U Do U. But that was a loooong time ago. We now know that Ben&Ben is a whole collective. And we have their band details below!

Current Members:

5. Franco

Okay, okay. Franco Reyes is now a legitimate solo artist, but we all know that before this, he founded a superband with other members.

And we just couldn’t write this post without including them! Below are the names of the 2008 band members.

Superband Members:

Band names are important. So much so that for some groups, they won’t EVER let go of their former name. Even if the number of their members have changed! And tbh, we love them for it.

Let us know if we forgot to include the band names of your favorite artists! Hit us up at Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh, and we’ll definitely include them here.

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