The Baktubaktubak Bar Tour 2018 is here, and now they’re featuring more OPM acts! Who did they add? We’ve got all the deets on one of the hottest gigs in MANILA this weekend.

Catch this leg of the  Baktubaktubak bar tour 2018 at MOW’S BAR (QC) this September 21, 2018, Friday. This event has been a recurring band tour from MCA (Universal Music Philippines). And one of the reasons we love it is its iconic artsy indie aesthetics! And did we mention, they feature Indie OPM Artists in back to back (to back) sessions?

This event has been going on since the first half of 2018 and we’re all just excited to see the bands play live!

See the details you need below.

Here are the BANDS that will be playing at BAKTUBAKTUBAK Bar Tour 2018:

We’ve listed down songs from each band so you know what to expect when you get there.

 1. Miles Experience

Miles Experience is popularly known for rendering smooth blues.  This song sounds like what you would listen to when you want to cozy up with your SO!

2. Juan Karlos

This sounds like courtships and chocolates! And it just makes you want to fall in love and slow dance your ‘THE ONE’!

3. She’s Only Sixteen

Two words: ROAD TRIP! She’s Only Sixteen’s ‘Perfect’ is a must-have for your road trip playlist, PERFECT for when you just want to chill with your squad.

4. Carousel Casualties

Whether it’s a day at the beach or a late night drive, or just playing in the rain; this is what Carousel Casualties music sounds like!


This what the OST of your life’s movie should sound like. EPIC.

6. Turn Me On Holly

The boy band next door that reminds you of that early 2000’s young love. It sounds nostalgic that it makes your heart beat fast!

Guys! These bands are definitely gonna kick it this FRIDAY, and we can’t wait! Catch them at Mow’s for only Php 200, and be sure to be there early to catch the whole line-up. Doors open at 8:00 PM.

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