An irrepressible spirit, with an untameable determination. Two main adjectives used to describe Don Facundo Bacardi Masso. He founded Bacardi, the company that later on introduced the first ever mixable rum in 1862. And like its founder, the brand has continued to push itself to continuously revolutionize not only the brand but the experience as a whole, and with that came the launch of BACARDI HOUSEPARTY PH, which had been a staple summer event for over two years now.

Afterparty along with its main artists had been a part of the first and biggest Bacardi Houseparty Ph since 2017; and this year, a mini house party happened last April 21, 2018, in collaboration with Afterparty, it was launched at one of the ravest places to be at CHAOS Club Manila.

Beats from amazing DJ’s like Ron Poe X Jet Boado, Jennifer Lee, Marxx Monterola X Alwyn Cruz, Stro X John Sedano ( a fourtastic crew), Nick Hernandez, Bstrd Prince and X-Factor were heard throughout the entire evening with the headliner songs from Al James, a much sought-after hip-hop artist.

“Ngayong Gabi”, a slow medley of trap that narrates a well thought out story about love in an ingeniously crafted lyrics along with “Pahinga muna”, was performed.

Once more Bacardi proved that it ain’t a party without Bacardi. As the crowd went wild with a mash-up of EDM, Hip-hop, and trap. The late crowd was treated to all of Bacardi’s finest mixes and promotions. The rum-filled mixes fueled up the crowd to dance and sway the night away.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that since Afterparty was a part of it, afterpartyers were treated to a free pass at the event? All they did was to show their Afterparty app, and the Php 500 door charge was automatically waived. They got to enjoy their weekend over with their crew.

A definite night to remember. So, are you up for a bigger Bacardi Houseparty PH? Watch out, we’re bringing another one soon!

Plus, check this video out!