Stir up the revelry this coming April 21, 2018. Go and soundproof your house, keep your stereo volume up and of course dance ’til you drop, because Bacardi PH is at it again with their first of more Bacardi House Parties PH! this 2018!

Last Year’s Bacardi House Party PH

An Infusion of Taste, A Celebration of Sound was the phrase used to describe last years’ Bacardi House Party with Afterparty’s very own takeover as MC Victor Pring and DJ X-Factor with Champ Lui Po took to the stage to get the party started with special guests: Naval brothers (Mark, Jon and Janus ),  Kat DJ , Ron Poe, Rico Arce , Brian Cua , Katsy Lee , Mark Nicosh , John Monral , Merrms , Funk Avy,  Hale , Mark Marasigan , Travis Monsod and Ace Ramos.

Hale at Bacardi House Party

A roster of exclusive invites was given out and still, the turnout was surprisingly great! Conversations were started, with new friends made, and a much deeper understanding of who and what the music community is all about. A definite ultimate experience from Bacardi, but wait there’s more!

Victor Pring at Bacardi House Party

This Years’ Bacardi House Party PH

DJ Katsy Lee performing at Bacardi House Party

With Bacardi being known for hosting outstanding house parties in different parts of the world in its campaign to bring the UNTAMEABLE Spirit right to your own homes with – Bacardi House Party PH. Another ultimate get together house party experience is set to come your way! And unlike the previous exclusive invite-only house parties hosted before, this upcoming one will be open to the public!

Yes, you’ve read that right! This year will be a momentous one since it’ll be open to more music enthusiasts and partyers!

Get ready for another Bacardi lit evening full of music, from the hottest DJ’s and artists’ in the country. A massively huge takeover of a house residence as it transforms into your very own private club!

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Don’t miss this chance! A Bacardi House Party PH is always one of the hottest summer evenings you could ever go for!