As I navigate the world of music deeper and deeper, observing all kinds of artists pour their hearts out from bars to clubs to festivals, I have consistently discovered that its true beauty lies, not in the songs, the size of the production, or the amount of people in attendance, but rather in its intricacies.


Uncovering the local EDM scene

Having long been a loyal attendee of live events (art, music, dance, theater), I think it is sort of amusing. How I have never gotten to follow any of the talents behind today’s local EDM until most recently.

Meek Resngit

Within a single week, I was given the exciting opportunity to personally meet and talk with some of the biggest and brightest in the Manila rave scene at 2 huge events Bacardi House Party and Chroma Music Festival (more on this later) – both of which I took as a personal quest to dig deeper and acquire more knowledge of the artists and their craft.

Coming from an entirely different music scene, I am well aware of people’s perceptions of the clubbing and nightlife in Manila. As well as the rep that is often present around the artists in it. Yet, after speaking with them, what I have discovered of our local DJ’s, MC’s, and music producers, is not anything that aligns with these perceptions, but just a simple passion to give people a good time. (watch out for our exclusive interviews coming soon!)

Bacardi House Party image

Bacardi House Party Philippines

What I discovered of local DJ’s, MC’s & music producers is nothing but simple passion to give people a good time.


Bacardi House Party

Last Thursday (April 6, 2017) at the Sampaguita Gardens in Quezon City, the invited guests of the first Bacardi House Party of the year (check out the first ever Bacardi House Party here) slowly filled the venue, which gave our team just enough allowance in between the earlier performances to not only admire the incredible work Bacardi had done to make the place look like it stepped out of a Pinterest page, but also to quietly observe how each DJ put up their own individual show.

Bacardi House Party Sampaguita Garden

Bacardi House Party UDOU PH

As much as I could talk about how commendable each performance was, more than anything, I think it was the state of mutual support, admiration and friendship among the artists that I saw before, during, and after a set that really captured my attention. And, as the evening wore on, this was only to emphasize, as more conversations are sparking, new friends were made by simply interviewing them, and I developed a much deeper appreciation for this amazing community where artists are respecting one another and all are engaging in a free flow of chat and good drinks.


Bacardi House Party – A Celebration of Music

As pointed out by Champ in our interview, and as punctuated by the highly-anticipated number from the dynamic trio of the House Party hosts (DJ X-Factor Remix, MC Victor Pring, and Hale’s Champ Lui Pio), the Bacardi House Party was – more than a celebration of music – an infusion of different tastes and sounds.

And, as an ambassador for a platform that aims to ignite all kinds of local music, I find it refreshing and a delight to witness such openness from artists to fuel the movement and creative minds to make it possible. Especially during a time where cacophony of wanting to “standout” and “be different” seems obsession in the industry.

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So if you ask me what it is I truly love about live music? Then, it is the spaces in between genres that make each one so unique. And also, the power of events to weave them altogether, defining context within time, culture, & people that we are.

Bacardi House Party Teaser

We would like to thank Bacardi Philippines for creating these magical possibilities.

Make sure to relive this amazing night with us through an AfterParty Movie (complete with interviews) out April 21, Friday. For now, here’s a teaser of what you should expect:

Video by: Chloei Capili, Meek Resngit, Lord Marin
Assisted by: Arby Medina
Edited by: Chloei Capili
Music by: DJ X Factor x Velle x BSTRDPRNCE

(Watch what happened at the first ever Bacardi House Party here)

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