Around 50 people were injured and 19 are dead because of an explosion during the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. Police are treating the explosion as an act of terrorism as investigation continues.

The explosion was heard after Ariana Grande’s last song as she was exiting the venue. There were over 21,000 people at the venue when the explosion happened.

Several witnesses claim that the detonated device was a nail bomb, according to the Rolling Stone. People immediately tried to evacuate the venue after the large explosion was heard. Some even had videos of the panicking people trying to flee.

Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert Captured on Dashcam

There were no prior bombing threats nor were there any groups claiming the attack after it happened. Ariana Grande apologized for the tragic incident in a tweet, but her fans say that it was not her fault at all.

Ariana Grande European Tour Probably Cancelled?

Ariana Grande might also cancel the whole European tour because of the incident, TMZ reported. There is no official announcement yet from their team as of this writing.

Several artists and politicians have already sent out their messages regarding the incident. Facebook also issued a safety check for people in the venue.

In Bangkok, there was an incident where a nail bomb was detonated in a military hospital at the same day. Unfortunately, there are no clear indications as to who are responsible for the attacks.

With the rising threats of terrorism all around the world today, everyone should be vigilant and cautious. If you are at a gig or a concert and you notice something suspicious, report to the nearest authorities. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Ariana Grande In Manila


Ariana Grande is now ready to perform in Manila by August of 2017. Sending love from the Philippines to Ariana Grande, her team, and her fans that are affected by this tragedy.

Photo is from Music Times