A Summer Favorite returns with the first leg of SM’s Castaway Music Festival done just last weekend!  Let me just say that it was a definite ultimate experience that’ll last a lifetime.

The much loved and anticipated music festival, which has been running for 5 years now with 5 installations already in their belt is the brainchild of Universal Records Events Manager & TTP Events’ Head, Louie Lizardo. He fairly recounts envisioning our very own version of a better 7107 International Music Festival with the same caliber and vibe if not better than the raked International fest, that’s why when the opportunity came he along with one of SM’s Manager geared for it. Thus, the first-ever Castaway set sail last April 26, 2014, with some of our very own OPM artists: Up Dharma Down, Franco, DJ Ron Poe, Kjwan, Brownman Revival, Save Me Hollywood, She’s Only Sixteen, Run Manila, Jensen and the Flips, Indio I, Kiro, Dr. Flavor and MC Boo.

It was, however, not just another music fest, it was a culmination of what is yet to come on our very own island paradise – a special Long Weekend edition – the only one of its kind that effectively bridged the gap between music lovers and beach hippies.  Castaway created the perfect synergy where everyone enjoyed the best of both worlds in just one hip event.

There’s no question then that Castaway Music Festival will only get bigger and better, and boy it did!

Fast Forward to 5 years later

With a measly 2 hour drive to some selected SM City Supermalls, we purposely await a night full of music and enthralling drops of superb mixes by the cream of the crop DJ’s and artists’. Castaway’s very own music line-up is really a testament to smashing out legendary sets over the use of unconventional venues of SM City Supermalls in various cities up North. With that, Castaway 2018 returns to popular SM City hotspots in the premier City of Pampanga, on another one whole month long weekend spectacle. 

U do U by Afterparty was fortunate enough to be the official media partner for this years’ 5th installation (and we’re very much grateful for it!)

So, going back – Last April 6, 2018 – we went down with some of the DJ’s who will be playing (I know, its crazy!) It was an opportune time for me to do my initial chitchat before I go all media-like on them (exclusive interviews will be posted soon!) so there were about a good 2 hours for me to just ask and ask, and forgive – but I did! It was a really good thing that they were very much polite and cool with me doing so!

After a fun chitchat, I was given an ample time to check things out (did I mention that we were given an ALL ACCESS PASS too?) Really Wild, I know, so I settled down to observe how all was weaved into one great night. And no words no matter how I try can ever express how amazing it was! To see the men and women behind it all in action was truly sublime!

The RAVE Party

The first leg comprised of a RAVE party with the top of the top DJ’s including the hailed most in-demand DJ in Southeast Asia DJ La Creme, coupled with our very own DJ Ace Ramos, MC Pao along with DJ X-Factor x DJ Marc Marasigan x Victor Pring x Joyce Pring and the inclusions of DJ Ron Poe x Jet Boado, Marxx Monterola x Alwyn Cruz x John Sedano x Stro, Motherbass, Jennifer Lee x Katsy Lee, SP Espinosa x Mohit Alamchandani, DJ Gigz Reyes and MC Boo.

A hell of a night to remember that showcased a lot of firsts like the tandems of DJ X-Factor x Marc Marasigan and the Quadruplet jam from Marxx Monterola x Alwyn Cruz x John Sedano x Stro. It was a rare opportunity to make a weekend of it, and boy did we! We enjoyed a leisurely hopping night while we explore the different musicality mixes and mash-ups of all these talented names in the EDM industry.

One of the Highlight for me here is on how the OPM hip-hop sensation Shanti Dope’s tracks were heard on almost most of the mixes. It was a true validation that OPM is getting stronger by the minute in this generations’ ears and the audience loved every bit of it!

A night of Nostalgia with the LEGENDS

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Onto the second day, where we have the line-up of performers be a reminiscent reminder of the golden age of OPM. The one and only Ely Buendia was seen headlining along with Spongecola, Silent Sanctuary, Rocksteddy, Jason Fernandez with Gloc-9 and the surprise guesting of Shanti Dope.

It was a crazy night, to say the least with over 40,000 people in attendance to watch them all perform their hearts out! And no one was disappointed (I know I wasn’t!). Jason Fernandez opened up the crowd with such a powerful performance that was seconded by Rocksteddy along with the top songs from Gloc-9 and the recent hit topper Nadarang” by Shanti Dope. However, it was not all the crowd could do for they really went wild with Ely Buendia’s set as he sang the cornerstone songs of OPM with “Huling El Bimbo”, “Super Proxy”, and “Magasin”.

While you’d think that it was impossible to keep the vibe up, Silent Sanctuary made sure to keep them going until Spongecola went on and it was truly something else. Imagine a rockstar like Yael go the extra 9 whole yards just to entertain the entirety of the whole 40,000 crowd! Oh, BUT! Yes, he did, as he jumped off to the backstage as he caters to all his shouting fans.

All in all, it was not just a memorable night because of the unbelievable music, but more so it was a night that truly signified how well-loved OPM is all over the country, in whatever age-range it maybe. May it be millennials, Gen-Xers to Baby boomers, all were in unison as they screamed they throats out to every line in every song that has been a part of their yesteryears.

A real success for the whole TTP Events team and SM Supermalls. We couldn’t be thankful enough that an event like Castaway served as the perfect break for everyone and anyone who wanted to get away from all the stress of city living. It was truly created to enjoy a fun and entertaining weekend! Something staple for everyone, where they didn’t have to go too far or spend too much just to see their favorite bands/artists.

Another awesome weekend brought to you by the whole of Castaway Music Festival 2018!

Do watch out for our exclusive interviews with some of the DJ’s and artists/bands featured. Just follow our page on U do U to get updates!