Anarchy PH just happened last June 30, 2017 over at Mow’s Bar in Quezon City. It was a wild night of head banging with some heavy dubstep hardstyle beats.


The opening beats were dropped by Julian Otsuka. His tracks were heavy for an opening set, not that I’m complaining. What I liked about his set was that there were some familiar dubstep songs.

Julian Otsuka


Julian O. even played Skrillex’s Make it Bun Dem which got the crowd to start dancing a bit to the beat (pun intended). However, my favorite part of his set was when he incorporated vocal samples from the hit show “Rick and Morty.”

Dominic Go X Lorenzo Santos


Dominic Go went second and immediately continued dishing out headbang-worthy tracks. He even played one of my favorite dubstep songs “Aftershock – Boombox Cartel VIP”. He was cut mid-set because of a surprise guest.

DIMAS suprised the bassheads as he performed his tracks along with MC Chunk and ChrisTy Z. He was also featured during the Bass N Bacon party on June 23.

When DIMAS was finished, Dominic Go continued to play his set. The Dominic Go x Lorenzo Santos collab led to even more banging heads as the latter played the drums. It was, honestly, a good combination.

Renz Elma


Anarchy saved the best for last. Renz Elma didn’t let a technical glitch stop him from rocking the basement of Kowloon House down. MC Chunk couldn’t leave his side when he was playing his set. Talk about a hard dubstep bromance!

There was even one moment where the DJ’s table was hit by a head banger. Bassheads won free t-shirts from Pockets Fulla Pillz, Rise of Brutality, and 323 Vapeshop. Rodzelia gave away caps.

Silent Noise gave away an awesome Akai Launchpad. Joco Comendador Shoes also gave away a pair of kicks to boot. Regain PH gave away Rastaclats as well.

Beyond Innovations also gave away headphones, earphones, and speakers to lucky bassheads. They even brought their big-ass Eon One PA system that was, IMHO, the best sounding speaker at Anarchy. It got all of the frequencies right from the booming bass to even the glitchy high pitch wobbles.

Anarchy was presented by NoEgoPH Event Productions. They are also planning to hold Anarchy bar tours across the Philippines to cater to bassheads all over.

Will you be joining Anarchy’s upcoming events?

Our Afterparty Movie: Anarchy by No Ego:

Therefore, if you missed the banging party, don’t worry! You know we always got you with a good AfterParty Movie. *wink*