The Grand Finale of the hottest dance competition this year falls on Sunday (October 21, 2018), so we’re giving you a preview of part one on what to expect in the FINALS!

The ALL THE WAY UP GRAND FINALS is jam-packed with exciting surprises! So you’re sure to expect celebrity guests, dope prizes, and the amazingly talented dancers.

And yes. Finally! The moment that we’ve all been waiting for is here! Welcome to judgement day. This is the last chance for all those who aspire to take home the cash prize to prove yourselves! And, of course, gain well-deserved recognition for their talents.

You know what they say in the Philippines— this is it, pancit!

Fam, voting is still ongoing so if you’re rooting for a particular crew,  then pick-up your smart phones and vote!

Voting is easy-peasy if you have the AfterParty app, but if you don’t, it’s not too late to download it here! Don’t forget that this is a NO APP, NO ENTRY event; so make sure you have the app when you get to the venue!

Who can you vote for?

Let’s give it up for the crews who made it to the FINAL ROUND!

Here’s the lineup for the crews who we’re excited to see blow up the stage at the ATWU Grand Finals! Indeed, we’re going to have full-house on Sunday so expect much energy among the crowd and the dancers!

That’s one sick list of crews. Good luck to our judges; this gonna be a long and hard decision to make. It’s the time when they have to pick the best from the best!

See who’s joining us for the hottest dance competition!

We’ve got the Pring siblings, Victor and Joyce as hosts of the night!

And for the judges, we’re welcoming recurring judges Rockboi, Kenjhons and Loonyo to with some of the hottest celebrity guest judges.

Yep, the finals will definitely be SPECIAL with celeb judges Ac Bonifacio, Ella Cruz & Julian Trono!

So make sure you grab yourselves some tickets because there’s a lot more mind blowing lineup that we’ve prepared for you! Hyped up yet?

And oh! Did we tell you that our very own Rockwell fam is having their 3rd ANNUAL CONCERT the same night after ATWU?!

That’s right! Rockwell will be bustin’ some moves as they show us how it’s done on their concert called ‘AS WE PROCEED’! Here’s a little teaser for you guys!

Want more details and info on what to expect in the Finals of All The Way Up? Shoot us a comment below! And tune in for the part 2 of What to Expect on the ATWU Finals with more posts on Facebook and Twitter @udouph.  SEE YOU THERE!