Ain’t No Party Like a BASS N’ BACON 2 Party

In the Philippines, even a little bit of rain can cause heavy traffic. Said traffic usually makes us want to stay home, watch Netflix, and not go through the pile up of cars on the road. Who in their right minds would want to go all the way to the south on a rainy Saturday night anyway?

Well, more than 300 people were rightfully out of their minds when they stormed Stoned Bar and Grill in Parañaque for BASS N’ BACON 2! People from all over the Metro hitched a ride to drop by the second instalment of this rakish party.

Origin Story

An extension of Emoji Records’ mission, BASS N’ BACON came to life from the brains of Jared Celemin a.k.a. BSTRDPRNCE and Emoji Records PR Director Velle Santos. According to the duo, the idea was pretty much throwing a bit of everything, food that most people love and bass tunes that has the rock and hiphop influences. And of course the party! They plan on continuing BNB because there will always be a demand for it as long as they portray how much they love doing this and being real about it. They’re keeping mum about future Emoji Records plans for now, we can’t but they’re cooking something up to bridge the gap to the mass.

Volume 2

Even from the first BNB that took place in Kapitolyo last June, the event already proved to be a success. They made history by squeezing 500 plus people in a 100 max venue capacity with no complaints whatsoever, and being the throwing an event of that scale on the streets of East Capitol Drive.

For their sophomore party, the team brought BNB to the homies down south. Crazy antics arrived in the form of costumes ranging from onesies to a Marshmello helmet. Banging beats courtesy of BSTRDPRNCE, DZ SVG, MC Boo, VELLE, Zot, Alexis Manuel, Santelmo, MC Crookx, MRKIII, MC Dan, Keela Dominguez, Jet Boado, BVSSFACE, Nicky Montes, MC Kappo, Pae Dobles, Monti Comia, Nick Hernandez, DJ Spoiled, Borhuh, and Calvin Felipe blasted through the speakers. To our delight, surprise performances from Zelijah, MC Chunk, and John Dee of Sora Nation spontaneously hit the bill.

By the time we arrived, shared body heat already engulfed Stoned Bar and Grill. The Jägermeister table greeted us up front with bacon bits being passed around by the fun-loving, inebriated party animals. In between the crowd’s wilding out, their repeated chanting of “We want bacon! We want bacon!” prompted a heavier influx of the crisp and tender meat. There seemed to only to be one route for everyone who was there: grab a drink by the Jäger booth, cavort on the dance floor, ravish the pass around, repeat. This routine kept everyone on their toes in a good way, and it wanted to keep the energy going.

The energy bounced until breakfast time. You’d think the free-flowing bacon and booze would keep everyone’s stomach full, but those nutrients quickly metamorphosed into energy for head banging. We left hungry, we left sweaty, but we left chirpy.

Sad you missed your chance to bump with us? Don’t be, because the team’s already cooking up BASS N’ BACON 3! The date and venue are yet to be confirmed so stay tuned to UDOU for deets. We’ll see you at the next one!

Song credit: Make It Last by Vince Lucero

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