Have you been stereotyped because you are just a Woman? Now, it’s the time to tap someone’s shoulder and tell that you’re not just ‘Woman’. You are a Woman. 

If you tried to look back, it was the time when fewer equality women have had. We have been treated as an empty vessel like we were inferior to men.

Fortunately, the development has undergone a straight line where the voices of women have been heard. We have given the jobs, the rights, and the education we also deserved. But still, some things don’t sound right.

A Movement For A Cause

So to celebrate Women’s Month, The Wicked Collective is inviting you to come at their pay-what-you-can event, “Ah, Babae Kasi…”. Yes, you’ve read it right, they are not setting door charge but still, they hope for your generous hearts because the proceeds of the event will go to a child welfare organization, CRIBS Foundation.

The Pay-What-You-Can event prepared spoken word poetry, acoustic sessions, bazaar and many more. More so, the said event wants to focus on the role of women in society and how we are perceived. It is a platform for the artists to express, inspire and empower women in our generation. Or I can say, to showcase the magnificence of feminism through art.

If you don’t know yet, The Wicked Collective were launching events not just to entertain us but to also stand for what they believe in. They want to showcase how the chains of the current system can be broken and it could happen by giving them a voice through the arts and engaging a congregation that will listen to them.

Join Now!

They have launched numerous kinds of events before and now, to reach further in fighting for women’s rights, they will hold also an open call for the artists as well. In line with this, they are looking for people who can be a part of their unique and beneficiary event.

So if you are interested in their movement, you can drop them some message on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. We know that this event is like no other! So, Invite your friends, and family to come and witness the talents that will showcase this beneficiary event. Remember that change can only happen if we tune our minds in unity.

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