Afterparty brings the HEAT as they kickoff ELEVATE PANAGBENGA 2018

Elevate Panagbenga 2018, one of the country’s most awaited premiere festival celebrates a first as they treat the festival goers with a mind-blowing performance from the hottest DJ’s and artists in the country by partnering with Afterparty, Smart, Teeling Whiskey and Bacardi for a month-long roster of festivities.

ELEVATE Panagbenga 2018

This years celebration is unlike all the rest, all thanks to Elevate Productions as they spearheaded this year’s entertainment highlights with a kickoff from Afterparty’s very own roster of amazing talents fresh from Manila.

We can definitely say that this years’ flower festival – well the whole of Baguio’s weekends will never be the sam! The month-long merriment is jammed packed with surprises and freebies that are to die for; Crowds from all over the country will be treated to different tracks and assorted beats from the best of the best DJ’s hailing from all over the nation.

The Afterparty team was a witness to such a wonderful spectacle! We were treated to an amazing opener as we got an amazing sampler from Feb 16’s kickoff party!

Turning the HEAT up in Baguio

Afterparty’s very own brought down the heat at the Ampersand, Baguio’s prime spot with their undeniable display of talent as DJs Gigz Reyes , X-Factor, David Ardiente, Ang & MC Victor Pring opened the festivities with their set of different beats; what stood out to me out of all was the nostalgic EDM and OPM tunes mixed with the current beats of today.

This truly got the crowd going and roaring for more, thankfully the event goers were treated to a full serving with the continuity of the craziest beats as DJs Marc Marasigan, Vince Teotico, DJ Miko Villena & MC Ronthug seamlessly delivered another epic back-to-back blow the following day.

Jammed packed like there’s no tomorrow

Crowds kept coming in as the clock drew closer to midnight, we can safely say that the kickoff party hit off on a really high note as partygoers were treated to the country’s top artists; almost everyone was also buzzing with a premium taste of Teeling Whiskey and Bacardi, we like the rest of them got to taste this Irish distilled concoction; it was nevertheless a new player in the whiskey category, but a definite standout from the usual offerings that are available, as a personal lover of anything bourbon-ish in nature – this for me is one to look out for!

Ampersand with only just about 500 to 1000 standing capacity was full to the brim as partygoers took it upon themselves to dance and party to their heart’s content. Students, foreigners, even professionals were seen hitting it off with the DJ’s powerful remixes of beats that truly cranked up the cold weather of Baguio as it turned the night into a steamy-hot blend of pure heavenly loose beats that made the crowd comfortable enough to be themselves as they party the night away.

The lucky few

Thanks to Afterparty (the app contest promotions) A couple of afterpartyers were lucky enough to get VIP passes from Ampersand with their participation in the ongoing promotion of Afterparty.

A designated lane plus one complimentary drink from Teeling Whiskey & Bacardi awaited them as they registered with the Afterparty app, not only that but an amazing addition to this was a backstage pass that allowed them to party with their favorite DJ’s all the way from the main city of Manila.

Weekend Highlights to come are lit AF

As Afterparty and Elevate Productions wish to bring the best out of this event to all afterpartyers out there; they have made it possible for those who weren’t able to catch the opening to grab a hold of more cool and hot performances to follow as they released a schedule of upcoming performances from various DJ’s and artists.

One of the most looked out for is the coming Elevate Baguio 2018 that is scheduled to happen on March 3, as they mark the end of the festival. With last year’s over 10,000 guests – this year is set to gain 3x the crowd and 30x the fun in comparison.

So, if I were you – I’d set my calendar open to joining this grand party with some of our afterpartyers out there – and if you want to gain exclusive freebies to the event itself, join the afterparty crowd by downloading the app and discovering how it makes your partying a whole lot easier and lit!

Think we’re exaggerating? Check out the vid below brought to you by  AFTERHOURS – Afterparty’s post event video highlights!

Photos and Video taken by Seth

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