#AFTERHOURS’ Lit up it’s very first Thursday at URBN QC

Who would’ve thought that a regular Thursday would get to be if not more than your usual Friday/Saturday? But I guess in this day and age, nothing is impossible!

Afterparty in collaboration with URBN QC spearheaded a first of more lit Thursdays once every month by bringing to us #AFTERHOURS, cause well, why not?

And so, the very first #AFTERHOURS was born, or something like that. We thought at first that It’d be a slow crowd, (with it being a weekday and what not) but boy were we surprised to see a continuous flow of honorary partyers coming in as the evening gets way past anybody’s bedtime.

DJ X-factor

Starting the night strong, of course, we have DJ X-Factor; one of the most noted artists from then till now. With beats that got the crowd in the mood for more.

DJ David Ardiente

DJ David‘s set was a whirlwind of great mixes that will keep you moving off your feet!

DJ Gigz Reyes

A short but elaborate mix from DJ Gigz as he stepped on the stage to give the crowd a taste of how good he is.

DJ Loonyo x Victor Pring

A special guest participation from one of the hottest DJ’s in the Metro, we have DJ Loonyo with the powerful unmistakable voice of one of the youngest MC’s Victor Pring. Both stunned the crowd with a really great mash-up.

DJ Marc Marasigan

Closing the night is of course, the one and only DJ Marc Marasigan. He got the crowd riled up for one Thursday evening that is LIT AF. His beats that range from the old to the new with a drop of some of the amazing songs ever made.

I’d say that it was a raging success, thanks to all the participating DJ’s and artists from the Afterparty family in partnership, of course, with URBN QC. Follow us for more Lit evenings! May it be the weekdays or weekends, we surely got you covered!

Join us again next month for another wild #AFTERHOURS one Thursday every month!

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