We’ve said it before, #PARAMORETOURFOURMANILA went through a lot of hard times. But when the night finally came, and the sold-out MOA Arena was filled with music fans for the much-awaited Paramore concert in Manila, everything was rose-colored!

Anyone who attended would tell you that it was epic! And whether you didn’t get to see the show, or were actually there and just can’t stop reminiscing, we’ll take you back in time and give you a tour of the fourth Paramore concert in Manila.

To start off, here’s#PARAMORETOURFOURMANILA’s official setlist:

  1. Grudges
  2. Still Into You
  3. Rose-Colored Boy
  4. That’s What You Get
  5. crushcrushcrush
  6. Fake Happy
  7. Playing God
  8. Forgiveness
  9. Ignorance
  10. Pool
  11. Passionfruit (Drake Cover)
  12. Misguided Ghost
  13. 26
  14. Caught in the Middle
  15. Idle Worship
  16. No Friend
  17. Misery Business
  18. Ain’t It Fun
  19. Told You So
  20. All That Love Is (Halfnoise)
  21. Hard Times

1. The local opening act

Whether you’re already a fan of hers, or just discovered her through this huge show, Reese Lansangan was definitely a good addition to the show!

She wowed the audience, and not just them! Find out here what Hayley Williams has to say about her and her performance as Paramore’s opening act.

2. When the whole Arena put up their phones, with their flashlights lit up, as the band played 26

As Hayley said during the show, 26 is one of the sad songs—the only sad song, in fact—that doesn’t pretend to be an upbeat and happy one.

And for this performance, the audience felt like one big family as each one held their phones up and listened to the song with open hearts.


3. Paramore’s cover of Passionfruit

“This isn’t one of our songs, jsut a song we really, really like.” And everyone really, really liked this cover too.

4. When Hayley chose a Filipino fan to come up on stage for “The RJ Show” and he was crazy-fun-wild!

Yep, that tweet up there is from the guy himself! RJ is the lucky fan that got to go onstage and sing one of the best parts of Misery Business!

Watch his performance here:

Just watch my wildest dreams come true

Not one of them involving you

Just watch my wildest dreams come true

Not one of them involving!

5. Fans holding up and throwing around smiley faces when the band played Fake Happy


Oh please,

Don’t ask me how I’ve been

Don’t make me play pretend

6. When Zac Farro brought out the bongos to play All That Love Is

Paramore’s Zac Farro has a side project he likes to share iwth the band sometimes. And at the show last August 23, he brought out his bongos and sang All That Love Is with Hayley in the background.

Yes, you read that right,

You can get to know more of Halfnoise here.

7. This moment when Hayley looks like she’s almost in tears

We’re so happy you’re not jsut Fake Happy with us, Hayley! We love you too!!!

8. Zac “walking out” when Hayley pretended to not include him in the band member’s introductions.

So there was a part where Hayley introduced everyone in the bamd. And just when she was about to introduce Zac, she paused a bit—or maybe a lot. So much so that Zac pretended to walk out until Hayley finally said,

We just love it when this band messes around with each other!

9. This moment where the crowd shouted “We are Paramore!” as the band said farewell to the crowd

This is Hayley’s signature goodbye, and when the crowd heard it, it def made everyone’s night—for the 34857934th time.



One of the best things about going to a show—and a HUGE soldout show at that—is that you’re at a place with people just like you.

And as Hayley said that night, “These are your people.” She made everyone look at the people around them, the people beside them and say hi. It’s amazing to be part of such a big commuity of music lovers. And concerts and shows like thess, it’s what bring us all together under one roof.


Every Paramore concert in Manila is always an epic experience. And what really makes it so are the people you get to watch the show with.