Let the chaos begin! As the series of famous robbers in Spain returned on Netflix with its fourth season.

Perhaps, everyone is skipping the intro of the first episode of Money Heist’s Season 4 just to know if Nairobi will die after she was shot in the chest. As we all know, Season 3’s ending left us with a huge clifhangger and a painful question, Will Nairobi follows the fate of Berlin?

Well, the official trailer did not reveal it instead we’ve seen her lying in the brink of death. (Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead!) However, the long wait is over now and you can witness her near-fatal experience on episode 2. While the tension rise in the middle of the heist,  the gang almost torn apart. They have to decide if Nairobi will be operated outside or they will personally take charge in removing the bullet from her chest.

Aside from finding out about Nairobi’s life that hangs in balance, let’s not forget about Lisbon who is assumed to be executed after she got caught. What do you think will Professor do aside from declaring a war? Who we should be rooting at this point?

What’s Next?

If you’re are wondering what will happen to them, let’s go back from the beginning. First, we have seen that not all of them came out alive from the Royal Mint back in first and second season. Now, inevitably, messing in the Bank of Spain is way harder than we think. We probably don’t know how professor will pull himself together after assuming that Lisbon is already dead.

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While everything is messed up, Tokyo will take in charge with the heist. Why? (Oops, Minor Spoiler again) Because the gang will be more in danger with the puzzling leadership and illogical reasoning of Palermo. Yes, Tokyo has irrational decisions too but Palermo is more grating than we expected. Of course, the heist requires cool headed leader but know also that Palermo’s loyalty lies with his plans only and not to professor. Knowing that Tokyo takes the lead, he will do whatever it takes just to make sure that everything will fall into own rightful place again.

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On the other hand, this season will be also filled with nostalgic memories of Berlin! Bet that you really miss the psycho yet one of the beloved characters in Money Heist.

Be taken away with the endearing smile of Berlin as we glimpse of his wedding with Tatiana. And of course, nurture some hilarious scenes together with his little brother Sergio, the Professor. Through the lessons from flashbacks, we somehow can breathe from the present intense situation of the gang because the rest of the episodes will be packed of traded punches and best laid plans.

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Stretching of Emotions

We may expect a roller-coaster of emotions just like the previous seasons but to give you a warning, this season is absolutely a heart-wrenching one. Expect a lot of screaming at the screen and frustrations like how the trailer revealed that Gandia will provoke them inside. To spoil you a little, he will silently escaped from being handcuffed and will create a tension or should I say, a way of breaking the truce. If you remember season 3, you’ll know who will be his target.

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However, there’s also a crisis for couples especially Denver and Monica. He became jealous to Rio whom he treated quite unsympathetically— not considering his post-traumatic stress disorder. On top of that, the characters were flourished so much and we cannot deny how all of us are rooting for them to succeed in this dreadful heist.

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To end this, Money Heist goes beyond a sleek thriller and beautifully utilized our dilemma in being defenseless in a world run unjustly. It really gave us also impactful reflection of how money has driven our lives and how the society torn between socialism and capitalism. However, looking back at build up of the show, we could notice that part 4 is a fast phase one but filled with surprises and scoop of hopes. And looks like we’re going to yearn for one more heist. After finishing the last episode, it seems like we won’t have to sing Bella Ciao to the gang too soon!


Here’s our salute to one of the toughest members of the Heist, well, You’re the fucking boss!

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