Oh, Sweet Niblets! Who wants to see Miley Cyrus wearing the wig of her alter ego, Hannah Montana?

Well, if you love Hannah Montana as much I do, I am betting that you are currently playing now her tracks because of this news! Yes, you have heard it right, Miley Cyrus once again talked about her iconic Disney Channel character on Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp!

She shared about her plans to bring back her alter-ego, Hannah Montana which was last aired in 2019. Nine years after its farewell season, will Hannah Montana really return?

Well, check out the clip here of the interview of ‘Midnight Sky’ singer, Miley Cyrus with Roman Kemp!


“Y’know when something – like, a good vintage t-shirt – like, enough time has to go by until it’s good again, it goes through a period where it’s bad because it’s old, but then it’s so old that it’s good again? Hannah is like a fine wine. We’ve got to wait until she’s ready,”- Miley Cyrus

If you can still remember, Miley Cyrus teased her fans after she dyed her hair just like Hannah Montana! And the netizens have truly gone crazy about her Instagram stories. 


Then, after the Pandemic began slating the whole world, Miley somehow made her fans happy by posting Hannah Montana’s photos and video clips on her Instagram account.

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Day 2 Quarantine. This is the REAL ME. RIGHT NOW. 😷🧼🧹🛀🦠🧽🧻

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Simply put,  the 27-year old superstar is absolutely teasing her fans that she would be willing to see Hannah Montana return. *cross fingers here!

What’s more, if you’re a big fan of Miley, you know how she tried so much to uplift everyone, especially during this time. Just like how she kicked-off her episodes of ‘Bright Minded‘ on her Instagram account. 

Moreover, the Disney Channel teen sitcom, Hannah Montana, aired from March 2006, even premiered ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie‘ last 2009 and bid a farewell with its fourth season in 2011: Hannah Montana Forever. Time flies so fast, isn’t it?

For now, we are truly excited if this ‘comeback’ will eventually happen. But to tell you, offering us splendid newly-releases like ‘Midnight Sky‘ and creating foundations to help others, Miley Cyrus indeed has the ‘Best of Both worlds’ after all. 

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Are you looking forward for the return of Hannah Montana?

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